ArmageddonConspiracy vs. Beavis & Butthead

I must post this new vid from the AC site here. It is absolutely insane. Idiocracy movie has been proven correct. I thought the most dumb and stupid thing i saw in my whole life yet, were short clips from “jersey shore”. (these are only known to me for 1 (good) reason: i watched the “new” B&B season 8. I can only recommend this season, it differs from all others, its much more politic and media agressive, even beavis has lots to say during this season.) Well, i have been proven wrong. The real astounding thing is her talk, her “communication”. What fucking language is that? Is that english? The dumb cannot even talk, how could they without thought and mind. But they sure do not want to think. Look at her, she would kill someone for a chewing gum and the just committed murder would be of no interest to her, she will feel fine. Chewing. Forever. Demon. Leviathan.


Here we see a dog of satan = allah. Without question this is one of the “holy warriors” of satan himself. In Berlin, Germany they having fun with kicking people in the subway stations, hitting them, so the fall down stairs, or get hit by a train. WOW.

Let me tell you this: the “holy warriors” are the most cowardly pigs ever. As the “holy” ever were. Crap as blood, and being possessed by satan and his liturgies of madness, insanity and genocide. FUCK GOD for all eternity. FUCK SATAN. Make yourself clear that the “holy” are all right wingers.

The extreme left invites no one. To make this absolute clear. It is us or them. Get that plz.

Fun fact:

media tells us the attacker is”strikingly strong” *fart* Look at his picture… *laugh*

all hail lucifer

all hail prometheus

all hail abraxas

all hail pythagoras

and hail to all of yourselves

A living goddess

Religious people. You know what they are “worth” to me. One of the biggest problems with religious people is, that they have simply no idea what is all written in their holy books. Why? Because millions can not read, but think of themselves as true believers of their “own” god. Which is laughable in itself, because their “individual” god(s) is always one and the same. Known to all mankind as satan. Here is a true female incarnation of the goddess Sophia (meaning “wisdom”) which goes by the name “Samina Ali”. Let’s hear what she has to say about the koran:

Spitting blood in the face of god

Death sentence to all religious morons on this fucking shithole planet. Believers are the pestilence, the perverts, the psychopaths, the murderers, the rapists, childfucking asshole wanker shitfuck persons, slaves of satan, the evildoers. Burn them all with the light of lucifer and give them all a chance to be reborn for the better.


Fuck this planet

Yep. The original AC site came up once with this object, i will repeat it in my own words here because of its uttermost importance. Who is the director of your life’s “movie”? You, or someone else? Mostly it will be someone else. STOP THIS RIGHT NOW.  I can only talk about my own, personal expierences. After all the things i have done to the old world order world, i came to the following conclusion:

The more bad and evil you are against things threatening you, the better the outcome will be. With “evil” i mean of course evil against all things owo, which is “good” in our case. Your wife or man man threatens you? Leave her or him, with all consequences of course. You always have to be strong, meaning a certain mindset, that of an ILLUMINATUS. We do not bow, we do not serve. NON SERVIAM. Your neighbour threatens you? Fuck him or her. Your boss is threatening you? Be “sick” go to the doctor, and search for a new better job. Someone wants to hurt you? Give certain people a 5er and they will free you of this problem. Etc, etc, etc.. So list goes on endlessly. Burn churches, temples and mosques, by the way, they are threatening all of us. OF COURSE do not act like a moron. For example: 3 against 1 will be always a bad outcome if you are the one. In this case you better run. Which is the logical conclusion. After running you can call the 5er guy.

What do you fear? No, job, no friends, no girl, no community? Think. Did you ever really had all or one of all this? And if so, for what price? You will be always the one who will pay, so or so. FUCK THAT. So decide for freedom. Live on welfare, every religious extremist does so.  There is no need to ask for things owo. Take them. Steal what you need. It is all yours. You, your dad, your granddad and so on had paid more than enough to take everthing you need simply from the unrightfully rich ones, the elite. They are no elite, they are all crap. They have taken all and are parasites which must be exterminated. The enemy. Never forget this. All warn you to “fit in”. Fitting in means being a servant slave. An  Illuminatus mindset is clear, about the poison surrounding us. “THEY” are all the enemy, until the enemy becomes enlightened by him or herself. Like in our 1st part (the only acceptable one) of our beloved matrix movie.

You should know the following information: it is “magic”:

If you handle things like in my above example, your mind enters a different wave form. You will attrac other powerful minds. When you free yourself, even when it seems you are at first “being lost in this world” – you always were, until you stumbled upon the real Illuminati. Soon new minds/people will appear in your life. I think you can imagine what i am trying to say. Now you are on your way to become Superhuman.

We are the ones who clap hands with the antediluvians.

We are the heretics.

We are the luciferians.

We are the ILLUMINATI.

Follow the Pentagram : Gateway to immortality and eternity

As we all know, there is a deadly, venomous poison in this world and troughout the whole universe – it is called RELIGION. Religions of death, torture and mass murder, genocide. Religion IS satan.

I found this astounding good video on YT from enlightened brother (where are our enlightened sisters?) Ambassidor Ehani, so his YT channel is named. I want to share it with all of you.

You, we, them, are never alone. We are all one – we simply do not know yet, or do not want to accept this universal truth. I am here, you are here, the Illuminati and the Jacobin Order are here, we are all here. But we won’t stay.

AD ASTRA – To the stars (we go)

Adam W.Eishaupt, Ancient order of the Illuminati, 1st Grade.

Mothership has been updated again.

AC Site is updated:

The age of prophecy

The season of the witch

The malefactor

…and for those who have a problem with the jacobin order, let me introduce this symphatic young man (obviously a metalhead – hail brother !) telling the truth. His channel is called “MorgueOfficial”.