The 13 Bloodlines Of Christ The Deciever

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The Star Family, wreathed in secrecy, became the source of intense fascination. Powerful secret societies sprang up that knew parts of the story, and were eager to know more and involve themselves with this “holiest” and most mysterious of families. As the power of the Catholic Church grew and also that of Catholic kings who swore allegiance to the Papacy, so did the “underground” interest in the family of the “holy blood”. They were les rois perdus – the lost kings. The Star Family, the Rex Deus family, the bloodline of Jesus, with its influential secret backing, slowly gained power in various countries. They gave rise to the Merovingian monarchs of France and the Stewart (Stuart) monarchs of Scotland and Britain. The family was also connected to the House of Habsburg, the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg, the Scottish Clan Sinclair, the House of Cavendish, and a number of other European aristocratic families. The so-called thirteen “Illuminati” bloodlines are descended from the Rex Deus family (though they have absolutely no connection with the authentic Illuminati).


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