Fuck Off And Die, moron !!!

Hi, hand-full of people who reading my blog. I wonder why not the whole world reads it, but this must have something to do with the stupidity of the worlds population. Well, today i will shit on the Abrahamistic Religions again. I am in the mood to spit forth black unholy blasphemy.Look at this fucking morons: they look like shit on legs. Impotent, unlucky, agressive, castrated at the age of six for their cocksucking god “Allah” – we, the Illuminati call him Satan. They also slit the vagina of 6 year old girls for their bullshitting “god”. You are no god, Jehova, Allah, Christ. The one and only true god is ABRAXAS !!! Got it, morons? Of course not, your hate makes you blind, even its not your hate, its your gods stupidity. What about YOUR will??? Becoming god is the clear better option, than being enslaved under such a fucking moron you call god – until now. I want to infect you. I want to possess you, which what you call evil. In utter darkness you will find the light. I take you by my hand to lead you into the dephts of your personal HELL. AND if you idiots speak out the death sentence to me, let one thing be known: YOUR death sentence was long ago spoken by the ancient order of the ILLUMINATI. Fuck You.


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