Men with beards are assholes…

Yep, thats my opinion. Sorry, if someone of the order wears beard – take a shave. Look at this picture. What we see? An ancient stone-relief. It depicts a bearded asshole killing some remarkable creature. Lets go deeper into the subject. The creature seeminly emanates sunlight from its “head”. Its “enlightened”. It has only one eye. The tradition calls it the “seeing eye”. (There is no “all” seeing eye, because true reality changes forever on both sides. The material and the spiritual “plane”. r>=0) We also see that the creature is bound by its hands. The bearded cocksucker tortures, not only killing the creature. He is full of hate, for the enlightened one. Sounds familiar brothers and sisters? Well, this relief is believed to be several thousands of years old. Its the old world order doing what they always do: kill. Their only way to succeed over all this ages. Wars over wars, keeping mankind in struggle and horror and death. Well, i am feeling good today. I can’t wait to erase you idiots forever from reality.


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