Through the black hole(s)

People. Is it so hard to get a real grip of the “dimensionless”? Well, you can call me an idiot if you want to, but its not that difficult to expierence this at all. Get drunk, or better use some psychoactive drug like mushrooms, but avoid hallucigenic drugs and anything based on morphine. Exhaust yourself totally, bring the body “down”, let him “die” for a short time in our space-time continuum, but for your “soul” i can be a small eternity expierence. You WILL realize that the dimensionless is real (at least you just have to close your eyes in silence) that your “thought” is not bound to the brain in your head, nor to your body. Here is a wonderful video by “Jyotirveda2”.Illuminatus!

The music is by 35007 – turn it around and you got “Loose”. A very cool Band from the Netherlands. I recommend their 2nd Album.


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