Freedumb, Dumbocracy, Moronarchy, Idiocracy and Free-Racket CRAPITALISM

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That’s the world we’re living in. Isn’t it time to change the script? ur world is controlled by a group called the “Ownership Class”, or the “Old World Order” – a group of ultra-wealthy individuals and dynastic families of privilege that have always ruled over us, often claiming to reign by “divine right”. In the UK, the head of state is an unelected, unaccountable Queen who refers to the British people as her “subjects” and as “commoners”, who are expected to withdraw from her presence by walking backwards (because it would be insulting for them to dare to turn their back on their sovereign). Why would any rational person subscribe to this perpetual humiliation? – yet tens of millions of Britons swear their allegiance to this abominable Queen. She has “ladies in waiting” who are like slaves, waiting to do her bidding at any time. When the Australian prime minister refused to curtsey to the Queen, it made headline news in Britain and Australia. When a politician dared to gently touch the Queen’s back to steer her in the right direction, it caused outrage in the British media. There’s an elaborate protocol for how to conduct yourself in the “royal presence”. A team of advisers and courtiers spell out the etiquette.

The 400 richest Americans have the same wealth as the poorest 150 million Americans. If that statistic doesn’t shock you to the core, you must be one of the 400. The key to understanding our world lies in grasping how 400 individuals, and people like the English Queen, can utterly dominate vast populations that could destroy them in an instant if they so chose. If we lived in the jungle as brute animals, it’s inconceivable that the 400 wouldn’t be attacked and killed by much stronger individuals. So there is something about human “civilisation” that leads to the astoundingly unnatural situation where 150 million people allow their lives to be destroyed in order that 400 people should live amongst them as monarchs who command all they survey.

“Civilisation” turns out to be a tool to create a pyramidal society where a small, elite class rule over various other layers, with a huge underclass at the bottom, propping up everyone else. The members of the underclass should, logically, attack and kill the elite, but they never do. Why not? – because they buy into the religious and legal prohibitions instilled in them by the elite. They end up fighting amongst themselves and killing each other.

The 400 richest Americans rely on laws (designed by and for the rich and powerful), religious prohibitions (selected by the rich and powerful), round-the-clock propaganda (they own the media), and, as their last resort, they have their paid enforcers (mercenaries) – the police and the army to uphold their will through violence. With these measures, the 400 make themselves impregnable, inviolable… invincible. The message the 400 communicate to the 150 million is that it is right, moral, just, rational, legitimate, and, ultimately, the will of God, that they should rule over the 150 million and that the 150 million should make no attempt to overthrow them even though if the 150 million want any chance in life, the first thing they should do is get rid of the 400.

The 400 are masters of psychology. Above all, they are experts in the doctrine of “divide and rule”. They set the 150 million against themselves. Consider the phenomenon of gangs. Members of rival gangs are continually shooting each other and fighting over who controls the streets of the grim ghettos they live in. The 400 are delighted when the gang members kill each other. What they worry about is all the gangs realising who the real enemy is – THEM. Imagine all of the gangs coming together to form a Super Gang and, rather than killing each other, attacking rich folk in gated communities. That’s the 400’s worst nightmare. But of course the gangs are too dumb to follow any rational course of action. Who made them dumb? – the 400, naturally.

The 400 and their ilk have created an atomised society of self-interested, selfish individuals all ruthlessly and savagely competing with each other according to the mechanistic rules of “game theory”. There is no group solidarity. The only common purpose of the 150 million is to screw over everyone else and secure an advantage for themselves. But they do so only amongst their own kind. None of them ever gaze upwards towards the controllers of the game and think, “Hey, why don’t I screw THEM over?” They don’t think like that because the 400 have created such a power differential between themselves and everyone else that they seem to belong to another world – of gods. They are untouchable. The 150 million fight amongst themselves like rats in a sack, and none of them ever stops to think – “Why are we doing this to each other? Who made us like this? Isn’t there a better way?” You need to be smart to have such thoughts, so the elite have designed and promoted a dumbed-down, lowest common denominator culture where everyone is plunging to the bottom rather than rising to the top. How low can you go? – to the uttermost depths of cretinism, vulgarity, tastelessness, crassness, cheapness, and worthlessness. Just turn on your TV and flick through the channels. It’s like watching the denizens of Dante’s nine circles of hell, except, bizarrely, the damned can’t get enough of it. They’re glued to their LCD TVs. What they do is make life hell for those who aspire to higher things. The one thing Dante never considered is that hell would be a place that the overwhelming majority LOVE. American Idol and X-Factor – these are programmes created by the elite to provide “bread and circuses” to the masses, and how the masses flock to the Colosseum. What they haven’t realised – because they’re too stupid – is that they’re the “Christians” being fed to the lions. They’re watching the annihilation of their hopes of a good life, and yet they’re laughing and cheering! That demonstrates the extent of the elite’s mind control over them. Every second you spend watching junk TV is a wasted second, and if you watch a huge amount of shit, you’ve wasted your life.


It’s not enough for the elite 1% to be masters of economic capital (cash and financial assets) alone, and in fact there are three other types of capital which are equally significant: social, cultural and symbolic capital. It was French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu who introduced this extended definition of capital. He said of capital that it applied “to all the goods material and symbolic, without distinction, that present themselves as rare and worthy of being sought after in a particular social formation”.

1) Social capital. Think of this as the groups and networks to which you belong, and the quality of the relationships you enjoy. Do you belong to the elite Harvard circle? Or the Bullingdon Club, or Bohemian Grove? Do you mix with millionaires, with politicians and celebrities? Who will help you when the chips are down? Who will support you? Do you think the people born into privilege ever have “hard times”? Bourdieu described social capital as “the aggregate of the actual or potential resources which are linked to possession of a durable network of more or less institutionalized relationships of mutual acquaintance and recognition.” Most of us have low social capital. We don’t know anyone significant or with any meaningful resources. Our networks are transient, low-level and can’t help us to set up a business or make any real difference in our lives. It’s the elite who define all important forms of social capital, and they establish exclusive groups for the rich in order to perpetuate their elite status. Everyone wants to join their groups; they have no interest in joining yours.

2) Cultural capital. Think of this as the extent to which you share the cultural values of the elite (they are the ones who shape the cultural values). Do you like what they like? Do you like opera, ballet, classical music, modern art, fine wine, high cuisine, literary fiction, exclusive holidays in luxury resorts where hoi polloi never go? If you want to have a higher status in society, you have to be knowledgeable about the cultural values of the top 1%. If you share their values, they might invite you into their charmed circle. If all you can talk about is “working class” culture, they will regard you as a barbarian and you will never get any invites. “Social climbing” is all about adopting the necessary values to allow you to mix easily with the ruling elite. If you have low economic capital but high cultural capital, you might be able to ascend the social ladder to some extent. If you have low cultural capital but high economic capital, you will always be regarded as “vulgar”, as “new money”.

So, cultural capital is about “table manners”, the extent to which you can exhibit refined taste (such taste being dictated by the value system of the elite, which is designed to exclude 99% of the people). Bourdieu refers to cultural capital most especially in relation to education. That’s the primary arena where you can adopt the values of the elite and gain a higher status for yourself. If you reject education, you are unlikely to acquire any cultural capital. You will be more like Tony Montana in Scarface – an uncouth, violent thug with no class. Most parents are clueless about how to acquire cultural capital, and so their children are equally ignorant. You don’t get it by eating junk food, watching TV and playing video games.

Cultural capital – non-financial social nous; knowing what the elite like – can help you with your networking (social capital) and then lead to the acquisition of greater economic capital because you will get a better job than those lacking cultural capital. Understanding cultural capital is the best route to social mobility for anyone outside the privileged elite. Cultural capital opens the doors that would otherwise be locked. But, crucially, it’s all about embracing the values of a profoundly elitist and snobbish group who despise ordinary people. Why should you have to play that game in order to get on in the world? And what would it say about you if you did play along?

3) Symbolic capital. This is perhaps most important of all because it targets the imagination. Consider the “Royal Wedding” in the UK. Think of all the pomp, splendour and grandeur put on show, the projection of the power and glory of the British Establishment. All of this is designed to emphasize the legitimacy of the regime and to show any republicans that when they denounce the Queen, they stand opposed to the whole British nation.

Think of the importance of the American flag and the Star Spangled Banner anthem to ordinary Americans. Think of the power of the Koran over the collective Muslim mind. Think of Ferrari cars, Rolex watches, designer labels and so on. People crave certain consumer goods not because they have great intrinsic value but because they are priceless in terms of symbolic value. Everyone wants the symbols that impress others. People are obsessed with signs and symbols. We are all judging each other according to the signs and symbols we have on show. These are the basis of STATUS, and underpin the perpetual status war in which we are all engaged. Everyone wants to have the signs and symbols associated with the highest status, so the rich are always the winners in the status war.

Symbolic capital is all about prestige, honour, recognition, glory, status, your place in the pecking order.


In summary, we can think of economic capital as “what you own” (personal wealth), social capital as “who you know” (nepotism, cronyism and privilege), cultural capital as “what you know about the values and tastes of the ruling elite, and how well you are in accord with those values and tastes” and symbolic capital as “the signs and symbols that indicate your status, with the highest and most desirable signs and symbols being those linked to the rich elite.”

Capital in its four forms is the key to our world – and it is entirely defined and shaped by the elite. They control not only your financial circumstances, but also how you think, what you think, and to what you aspire. They dictate what you believe in, but they allow you to think you chose those beliefs for yourself. They dictate how you vote – you always vote for them or their puppets. They construct your identity. They even construct the stuff of which you dream. They are the true controllers of the Matrix. You are the batteries for the capitalist machine. You power it, and every time you make a purchase you make the rich richer. You are the perfect drones and droids, and all the while you delude yourselves that you are free and have meaningful choices. You don’t.

What you dream of most of all is being one of the rich elite. Ergo they are the last people in the world you would attack because they are what you aspire to be. And that’s why 400 people can dominate 150,000,000 with almost no effort. They don’t have to spy on you and check up on you. You automatically do everything required of you because that’s how they’ve programmed you.

Isn’t it time to wake up? Stop swallowing the elite’s propaganda. These people are scum and it’s time they were swept away by the people’s righteous anger, just as they were in the French and Russian Revolutions.


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