Do you really think all problems of the world are done, when all motherfuckers of the Abrahamic faith are dead and gone? Well, I can assure you, this will be not the case. There is much more to achieve. Lets focus on two simple examples of other horrible bullshit. First: the good old family. What are so called “adults” doing to their children? Most “adults” are brain dead assholes. They are stupid or pervert beyond reasonable thought. An easy example is the football/hooligan family. Look at the picture above and realize that this kid is brain dead, he will never have a chance to escape the stupidity the parents marked on him. He will be not able to think outside football, just like some stupid, dangerous, senseless killing muslim of Abrahamic faith. I really feel deeply sorry for this and all other “football-kids”, which are all victims of the great “sport” companies…

Companies, Leaders, Presidents and all the rest of their pyramidal scheme bullshit.
A leader or king should be the most advanced, most intelligent, most understanding, most caring, simply the best one around equal ones. Well, I know this vision sounds completey Alien to you.
The leaders we know are the most dumb, less caring, most stupid and criminal, complete unadvanced in every direction, dumb, murderous, evil, bullshitting incarnations of shit-souls ever imagineable.
ABRAXAS, sorry, I hate them! I want them all dead and erased from history and memory. The fight and problems of mankind are necessary to evolve, to become eventually “god”, or simply follow the footsteps of ABRAXAS or great SIMON MAGUS.

Damn. The Ackermann Bomb was a fake. It could had been good for the world, to erase this damn cocksucker, money-ghoul, pervert asshole finally. Do not give up the good fight against the old world order. Fuck your order!!! DIE!!!


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