The whores of war and human trafficking

A word to one of the most lost children of the world. I bareley can do much more than whishing you Lucifers light, to end, or better destroy your everyday hell. Tortured and raped by men, who never were men. Let me tell all you braindead, muscled, loud barking assholes and deep in your heart cocksuckers, what a women is: a sexy, indepentent, laughing, dancing, flirting, nerving, betraying (or not, depending on character…), adoreable, likeable,free human being. Well, you got a problem with that? So, why don’t you FUCK OFF then, and kill yourself right now?! You are a shame for every true man! Let me assure you, that you are not a man, never were, and never will be. I easyily identify the “non-mans”: every, jew, muslim and christian cock. True men are laughing about you and your kind, and we hate you for your hate on Lucifers beloved womenfolk. Remember, cocksucker, the next time you see your shitface in a mirror, realise that you are an impotent moron, and you never were a man, and you never will be. Ah, before I forget, we are the ILLUMINATI, and we are with LUCIFER, and we are coming for you. Oh, what was that? I just heard something. It sounded like someone just shit his unattractive underpants…


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