Intelligence Denial

Can you imagine someone who’s DENYING intelligence? Well, you do not have to, there are millions of them who do. Every braindead zombie of the abrahamic faith: all christians, jews, muslims, hinduists and buddhists, the whole bunch of satans body. Do not let us be unfair: if your penis is cut at the age of 6, raped by a priest in your childhood, or any other crime committed by the “believers” in faith. Would you have had the power to destroy religion, your idiotical community, your mullah and so on? Think a minute about that. Only a few of them could, very few. A handful of all religions together, maybe. BUT back to reality: wars between “different” religions are idiotic. Its all about profit, ever was, nothing else. The “war” between science and religion is idiotic. You are both wrong. I shit enough on religions, so a word for the “scientists”: r>=0 dive deep into it, understand. Zero becomes infinity, thats the rule, thats the way. For ALL of us. The moronic “deathcult” of the major religions: profit. fear. liars. If everyone on this planet KNEW about its non-materialistic immortality, all the crap would vanish without a trace forever. It is finally time to let the old shit go and die. Its time for a mankind, which looks upon us, like we look onto the ancient caveman. Free yourself!!! …with alittle help from your friends.


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