Funny Cat playing with victi-mice, or the psychology of jehova/christ/allah revealed.

This is the Illuminati’s declaration of WAR. [Continued]
Some refer to yhvh/jesus/satan as the highest being (*laugh*), the most high to worship (who wants to worship? only idiots do.), the ultimate god-being. I refer to the creature as the “cockless one”. Peoples behaviour is a clear reflection of the supreme evil planted in their minds since their childhood, by the evil bible, the bullshit koran and all other “holy” scriptures. Burn them, erase them, kill their priests and war-mongers let mankind become finally free from the old, useless, horrible shit you call your “life”. We never lived. We never had the chance to. Maybe in a second in a “good” childhood time, were all was “magic(k)” and wonderful – at least for those who expierenced that. The penisless one, yep. That is the creatures name. Oh no, don’t be fooled. The creature is not god (ABRAXAS is), its far, far away from that. Its an unnatural being who refuses to die and never had the chance to interact with the opposite sex, or with any other living being at all. We could fell sorry for the creature called satan. But we don’t. We are the ILLUMINATI. We ARE in control. At least of ourselves. The creature never fucked. It never could “let go”. Over the millenia it got sicker, and evil more and more. Perversion raised inside it, raising unnatural needs, which could not be satisfied with good old SEX SEX SEX 6 6 6 666. So the pain of other gave it a kind of boner, kind of, remeber, its the one without a dick. Or its super small, or its simply impotent. WHATEVER! Who gives a fuck about satan? We don’t. We are the ILLUMINATI. In its pervert insanity the creature became totally deranged and declared itself god one day. Which was normally no problem at all. All the time some beings declared themselves being divine. The truly divine never declare anything of such crap. They don’t need to, they ARE divine, not mocking it. But the creature learned and “earned” much over the aeons and made sure that no other powerful god was around in its time. It insanely wanted to fuck mother earth, gaia, LUCIFERA, but of course the creature was rejected by the volouptous and sexy womenhood, who not wanted to have sex with some thing like the creature was. So the creature satan decided to endless torture all things feminin, which at least gave it some kind of arousal. So the creature known as jehova, jesus christ, allah or simply satan became the torture god of mother earth and all her children. Aeon after aeon the monster slayed, killed, tortured, raped every living thing on this planet. The most innocent must die the most brutal way, thats its rule and law. Today the creature rules the whole planet earth.

Wait…, the whole planet?

The ILLUMINATI are here.

The thorn in satans flesh.

The fear in the hearts of the tyrants.

A silver spark in a pitchblack night.

So, my beloved children of busty mother earth. Now you see what can happen to someone, who doesn’t have sex. You should fuck your brains out. Start right now! Rip your clothes off, and dive into the flesh and soul of your beloved. Scream! Jizz! Ejaculate! Do it again until total exhaustion. Then you will have a good night’s sleep – and you will never spend a millisecond to think about torturing others, because you are RELAXED.

Adam W. Eishaupt – Ancient Order Of the Illuminati

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