The Unfortunate Spear: Crucifixion Of Joshua ben joseph a.k.a. Jesus Christ

Yep, today is the day of the motherfucker. He and his bunch of assholes planned to make him a god – for the stupid folk. The sponge(bob) he was given filled with “vinegar” was in fact a psychoactive drug which makes him fake dead. Some voodoo recipe maybe. He “died” very fast on the cross, so that the ceasar couldn’t believe it. So he sent out soldier longinus to test with his spear if the “terrorist” jesus was really dead. So he rammed his spear into the bastards chest and proofed him to be dead. Unfortunately jesus and his bunch had a “joker” in their hands: “body-jumping”, in the case of some unexpected interference, which longinus proofed to be real. So the bastard jumped into a young healthy body and went on to france and pestilenced the earth with the merovingian bloodline and their 13 families. Cursed shall be the day of his resurrection, forever and ever. Cursed and dead he shall be forevermore! Praised shall be the doings of longinus and cain, you names shall be heralded forever as heroes. Who is joshua ben joseph now? Ask yourself this question. He could have been Ill Yung Kim or Lady Gaga. Decide for yourself, locate his actual “incarnation”, and kill the motherfucker!

Adam W.Eishaupt, Ancient Order Of The Illuminati


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