The Cosmic Serpent by Victor Clube and Bill Napier

Today I want to recommend a book to you:

The book is from the year 1982 (…an ancient tome) and describes the history of gods, godesses, dragons, monsters and their kin. Its a book about comets and meteor impacts, and the worldwide “myths” describing the real events. At least one of the Authors seems to be an Illuminatus, but i don’t know that for sure, but the words in the book speak for themselves. It also helped me completing (as far as it gets from my actual knowledge) my own “world history theory”.

I just took a break, the doorbell rang. It was the energy supplier and he needed to install a new power-counter. Great, while posting the OWO disturbs…

There was a time before our time set. 60 sec, 12 hrs and so on.

It all has to do with celestial events in the (far) past. From the first recorded events of mankind, speak of wars in heaven. All the “gods” only make sense, seen as celestial bodies and/or comets/meteor impacts – and not only on earth. All old civilasations were highly “astronomic”. They NEEDED to watch the skies, because in old times, the monsters from outer space destroyed the earth, or whatever her name was back then… The drowned and burned civilasations before our ages must also have known all this. All we know seems to be shadow filled with selfish lies and unbelievable arrogance of those who “know” and those who don’t. If a catastrophic event would happen in our times, the bastards of the OWO would know it very early, and in the worst case scenario they would save the world’s “best” men and women (you can be assured that this will not be the case – only the most moronic, richest, and “holy ones” would be saved) in a spacestation for example, until violent mother earth has calmed down. they would return -you guessed it- as gods. (it is wonderful for me to reffer to the great Douglas Adams, and his idea of a bunch of complete idiots in 3 big spaceships, re-populating the world -our earth-  just being kicked out of their own solar-system, because of complete uselessness. Brothers and Sisters. Does this not sound familiar? I must LAUGH now) They would invent remarkable stupid stories of destruction, fear and hatred, positioning natural events -now slowly forgotten events- as the work of their “god”, and everyone should whorship them – otherwise the fire will fall from the sky and the oceans flood the earth. There you have it. Mankinds hidden history (partly) in a nutshell. Thank you for reading.

Adam W.Eishaupt – Ancient Order Of The Illuminati


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