Castration & Sterilisation Of Protestant Evangelists Agenda (Jesus Camp (2006))

History and the people gone insane holding enough proof of the failure of christianity, religion in general. To protect future human beings, normal people call them children, I bring the prototype of a new worldwide law, of prohibition of religion, and believers regarded as criminals and murderers. Also the castration and sterilisation of any kind of religious robot (don’t call them human beings, because they are not, they are automatons) is easily thinkable. In ONE generation, all religions would fall with this law. I need your voice.

Here is the needed information for you, to become the worst enemy -WIDERSACHER- of all religious installations.

Jesus Camp is all about a group of kids who attend a summer camp that will help them “cleanse their souls” and become good preachers. This one feels like a horror film, when you watch it, you wont believe your eyes and ears. It really goes deep into the heart of the Evangelical way of teaching their kids the ways of the bible. Basically, they torture them psychologically, make them feel guilty for their ‘sins’ (these are kids for christs sake!) and hammer ideas into their heads about hating things like Harry Potter. Man, it’s really sad to see these kids crying their hearts out because they feel like sinners. And it is frightening to see the adults who do it to them. Saddest part of the whole affair is that this summer camp had been doing this for years and years before this documentary came along! After the documentary they had to close down shop because of all the hate they got from everyone in the world. This one is a real eye opener not only about religion and how it can wipe your mind clean, but also about the way that the government takes advantages of Christian churches to promote their political agendas and make their parishioners vote for certain candidates. These people actually believed that BUSH was chosen by god to lead the nation! Strangest part is that the events captured by these documentarians unfolded naturally before the lenses of their cameras, these are Evangelical Christians just doing and acting the way they do every day. And it is truly frightening. This documentary will make you feel sick to the stomach with religion and politics. In other words, it has the highest possible recommendation from me. (from


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