A Great Album Original Black Sabbath Never Recorded

Being a great “fan” of Black Sabbath, being Guitarist myself, i recommend to you an cool Album by ORCHID, called “Capricorn”. As you can see on the cover old sex buddy from the black witch woods appears on the cover, old pan. This is a Sabbath clone and not. The singer does not really sounds like ozzy, but he has this wonderful ability of 70’s rock vocalists to sometimes all over dominate the whole soundwall created by his fellow musicians. Talking about that, the sound is thick and fat as fuck, excluding super distorted guitars, but a good mix, sounding 70’s style, but its digital, sometimes the hi-hat sounds like a drumcomputer. Nonetheless this album is in my own eyes a masterpiece. Put on your coolest 70’s dress, light up some incense, take your favourite drug, and listen to this album. you won’t be dissapointed, guaranteed.


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