Thank you satan, and goodbye.

Hell O “my sweet satan”,
we thank you great master of illusion and torture, for testing and cleansing our souls over the centuries. Thank you for being our ultimate arch enemy of all times. We have proven ourselves worthy to leave this place, to move forward through the right gate, following the path of ABRAXAS, the TRUE gate of becoming god, not the fake one, you once installed, for the ill-fated ones. In another time we will stand against each other once more, which is forevermore. The demiurge, the prime enemy of the ILLUMINATI, howls for the last time. It has become old and tired, otherwise the enlightenment of mankind could have not reached its actual level. But tired satan (jehova+christus+allah=satan) still has enough fire, to blind the most people on earth. Put you sunglasses on (like in John Carpenter’s masterful movie “they live”) and stop being blinded, by the old enemy. The path to eternal freedom and knowledge is open now for nearly every living and thinking person on this planet. Get rid of the masters of old and religions of abrahamic faith. Reject the awful stinking, not evolving, slave-state creating, pervert, abrahamistic religions, the installments of satan, the master black magician. Are you ready to “bring it on”, to battle against the old monster and its minions? Are you free and ready for the greatest task of all times?

Be ready.


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