Attack on German Embassy in Sudan

Fuck off & DIE muslims, believers of the book around the globe. Terror against normal, hard working people because of a 15 min. moronic movie, which looks it was made by filmstudents. You are are sons and daughters of bitching satan. We, the ILLUMINATI won’t stop showing the world the true face of every religion on this planet. You must perish in flames. Buried and forgotten, down 6 feet deep beneath the earth. Look at these morons: animal-like, stupid creatures, obviously without an awoken soul, the contrary, they are supid as mules, murderous as guns. The swines of religious faith must be annihilated around the globe. Only then, with the complete destruction of every trace of abrahamic faith. mankind will rise up. Religion, abrahamic faith is satan and he falls.
For you assholes in sudan: go fuck some mule or bait you women and children and creep deep into your gods ass. We are coming for you, and there will be no redemption for all of you. HAIL ABRAXAS.


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