Islamic Cocksucker “Abu Assad” wants to kill harmless people in Germany

Listen you muslim shitfucker, mule-lover:
Mohammed was not sent by god, he was a brainless, unintelligent sheperd. Sleeping in a cave, because he had obviously no home and suddenly he heard a voice in his dumb head. He thought it was god, we know it was satan, those who really know would say it was the right side of the brain errorful speaking.
Now these braindead motherfuckers want to kill again for theit shitty religion, now in Germany. We, the ILLUMINATI will stop at nothing destroying the war-mongers of religion. Be ready to meet the new KNIGHTS TEMPLAR of the 21st century. You fucking idiots have no intelligence, but only brutality.

AND what BAD MUSLIMS you all are: Your god does NOT ALLOW the use and evolution of science and technics, also not the evolution of your damned souls. YOU are not allowed to use handys and such, computers and new media. So you are all LIARS and betrayers of your almighty god SATAN – remember – HE COMES FOR YOU – NOT FOR US.


Go back where you came from and



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