Braindead Maroc Kills Female Clerk In A JobCenter With A Knife II

It happend exactly as i prophecied:

the muslim shitcunts did the following:

the destroyed her “remembering place”, all candles, flowers and so on (things like this are described in the cocksucking koran as a good thing). In certain forums he IS regarded as a hero, and 10-17 young muslims spamming the web with “allah akbar” and the “glorious” killing of the german clerk. FUCK OFF & DIE you fucking muslim bitches and assholes. You are stupid like hell, no education, no job, a foul piece of human waste, a total complete meaningless being. They can not even write nor read, but think of themselves as “intelligent”, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i must wipe out the tears of laughter out of my eyes. Go back to the dust, saddle a mule -if you can- and eat some dattles and disappear into nothingness. Nobody wants you, nobody likes you, no one gives a shit about you and your murderous god. EVERY muslim is a MURDERER right now and GUILTY of murder, because they kill for cavedweller mohammed (look, this is their “prophet” – a complete dumb idiot, watching sheeps and giving his female family members freely for prostitution, even to an egyptian pharaoh. Yes, right, their “prophet” was the FIRST PIMP OF HISTORY) and swine god allah. Murder is what their god wants, so the COURT OF THE ILLUMINATI pleas all of you GUILTY. I simply do not understand the german population anymore. What do you fear? What are the NAZIs in germany doing? NOTHING. Hanging around, drinking beer and talking bullshit. Every muslim should fear for his life from now on. Listen to me, you shitfucks of abraham, allah, christ and jehova: it was YOUR fault to murder our people. It was YOUR fault bringing on the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR of the 21st Century. We will shit on you, your god, your prophet, your temples, as we did long ago in jerusalem the whore. Do not think a second that we are christians: WE ARE THE ILLUMINATI. Now, all has to be done without mercy, not looking left nor right, good or bad. VICTORY is what counts from now on. VICTORY over the old gods: the guilty cunts of christ, allah and jehova = satan. All believers of the world are satanists. Murderers of children, women, rapists, dumb assholes, unfortunately deadly. FORTUNATE FOR YOU the ILLUMINATI take care of the worldwide problem.

AND look at these spastics. They all look like ghosts from the middle ages. They look horrible. Do not be mocked by their humanoid appearance, they are NOT HUMAN BEINGS. They are the evil in the flesh, never forget that when you kill your enemies, you did well then, you killed a demon and cleansed the world from it. YOU shall be heralded as a hero then.

Death To The Old World Order







The islam will never occupy germany/europe.



You fucking muslim shitholes, warmongers of old, unattractive morons really do not think that your youngsters, the wanna be gangstas, driving BMWs, hip-hopping, drug taking, not religious at all, see YOU old fucks as their future leaders?


well, you better reconsider, your OWN people will shoot you. The gangstas will kill you. Because you are OLD and complete dumb, in any senses of the word.


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