Beware Of The Blast


The “chosen people of god”, “the people of the book”, i would erase “people” from this tune and replace it with bastard creatures, a failure of nature, the enemy of mankind, the old world order, bombing palestine, and now the palestines fight back, which is their good right. This could be the starting signal for the 3rd world war. Be prepared. You know what is to do, at least i hope so.


4 responses to “Beware Of The Blast

    • well, as the jew you are my post must have left you uncomfortable.
      arrogance swings in your words.
      what is to do?
      you will never know, because you are forever damned to be enslaved under your god YHVH.
      and he hates your kin.
      we, the illuminati hate you too, but we give every worthy soul the possibility to change for the better way:


      • just because i use yiddish in my mail-account-name, does it mean that i am a racial jew or even a religious jew^^?
        i hate yhwh, i hate allah, i hate jehova – and i thank you guys for the information you are sharing. but why are you so full of prejudices and blind hatred? you seem to be like a mirror of myself. when i read how harsh you are sometimes, i understand what’s wrong with me. you and i would be so much more effective in the fight against the old world order if we wouldn’t be so arrogant and aggressive, i gues.
        it’s sad to see so much arrogance in someone who’s called “illuminatus”.
        my stepfathers dad was jewish – this fact was a possibility for my parents to immigrate to germany and i abused a fake jewish identity because in germany it’s easier to be an antizionist when the people believe that you are a jew. i really felt to be be partly jewish for a long time – when i learned the truth about my real father, it felt like a relief.

        and tuches should be written “tuchis” in fact^^

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