The New World Order Saturnalia Party And The (re-)Birth Of Lucifer

Well, my beloved and deadly enemies, soon its saturnalia time again. The “official” records regarding the festival(s) of saturnalia differ slightly in the timeframe. So i came up with my own “ritual” for saturnalia:

on 25th of december, the sol invicta is (re-)born, LUCIFER(A)

this should be celebrated in a gnostic illuminists way

then follow 6 days of, drinking, fucking, talking, eating, war against god(s) an their fellow religions and their horrible kin, telling the truth, screaming anger, studying, expierence and knowing the truth, new synheses, who will become polar again etc.
the night of december 31st should be used then, for bringing this “new” feeling and knowing of life into the new year, so that EVERY DAY is LUCIFER’s DAY.



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