The Armageddon Conspiracy 2013, Our New World Order, and Meritocrcy Worldwide

So my fellow Souls, it is from now on we sail through a new timecircle.
Let us not forget and use what all was achieved “at the end of times” in 2012.
Meritocracy HAS to become the world’s one and only State.
Illuminism replacing all old Abrahamic Religions with the true knowledge of ABRAXAS.
Here is a video from an Illuminated Soul from the Netherlands.



3 responses to “The Armageddon Conspiracy 2013, Our New World Order, and Meritocrcy Worldwide

  1. the movement towards ILLUMINATION is slow but unstoppable. I have started both Illumination and Meritocracy pages on Facebook in the beginning of 2012, and then in June delegated Ravi to administer both of them, a wise choice because he seems the only one to actually do things rather than talking on forums (except you of course).This year I have started Gaia page on FB, the goal is to work on the General Will of the mythos people and raise their understanding, so they will accept the ideas of Illumination. Plase don’t get disheartened by hackers, I have also few other pages on FB with almost 20k likes (combined) and they all point to Illumination page, and from there people can get access to your books. I wish you all the best in 2013, the start of the new illuminated era. Yours Faithfully Gaia

    • Give Ravi my regards and thank you for the Meritocracy page.
      I give my best to convince people to stop spreading implausible conspiracy theories, liberate from that fear produced by idiots like Jones, Icke, Fullford,… and focus their minds on social contracts that really can change and improve the world.
      I also see that it’s slow but those who are convinced become relentless voices for our side – pioneers for meritocracy.

      Thank you guys.

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