Asaram Bapu, Indian Guru Suggests Late Gang Rape Victim ‘Was Equally Responsible For Attack’

Well, well, well my beloved readers. The world offers us Bullshit en masse every day, and here is my menue for today:

[look at this shitfucker]

“A popular Indian guru has caused mass offence after suggesting the Indian gang rape victim who died on December 30 was equally responsible for the attack. Addressing his followers, Asaram Bapu said upon being confronted by her attackers, the woman: “…should have taken God’s name and could have held the hand of one of the men and said I consider you as my brother and should have said to the other two ‘Brother I am helpless, you are my brother, my religious brother.”



“She should have taken God’s name and held their hands and feet… then the misconduct wouldn’t have happened.”

and he is so idiotic, he won’t stop talking even more braindead crap:

“The accused were drunk. If the girl had chanted hymns to Goddess Saraswati and to Guru Diksha then she wouldn’t have entered the bus.”

A typical creep of the old world bullshit order. A brain amputated religious moron, who is GUILTY and the “fee” is DEATH. To you “Bounty Hunters” outthere: bring me the head of
Asaram Bapu -and only his head- with an apple in his mouth, a sign of discord and womenhood. Reward? Oh yes. Let’s say 1 cent. Every cent more would be to much for this guru, hindu, buddhist shitsoul. Shit and trample on his dead body, burn and destroy everything which was once his own.

If you hear anything in the media about religious morons, it is always the same:
death and destruction and moronity in its most crappy form.


COMPLETE erasement and total destruction of every and all religious forms sould, MUST be established in this 21st century.

We shall show no mercy, neither did they over their idiotical, centuries long rule.
Bury them forever, erase them from history forever.

Join the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR of the 21st century !

ONLY we can set you free.
ONLY we are the answer to everything.

Get that.

Adam W.Eishaupt, Ancient Order Of The Pythagorean Illuminati


4 responses to “Asaram Bapu, Indian Guru Suggests Late Gang Rape Victim ‘Was Equally Responsible For Attack’

  1. it’s time to fight, time to uprise
    burn down London’s financial City
    let Meritocracy arise
    from ashes fresh and pretty

    let’s humble power of religious scum
    and scatter their oppression
    we shall not rest until it’s done
    ’til the destruction of obsession

    we will behold the queen’s dumb head
    spiked on the highest roof around
    soon all the bastards will be dead
    and burried deep down in the ground

    • thank you for abusing me asshole.
      the illuminati pay some kind of little respect to hinduism and buddhism.
      its much closer to the truth than the 3 “major religions”, unless its clear the karma is a lie and your castes are a prison for souls. so, go fuck yourself, shiva is also satan, and you are cursed.

      Adam W. Eishaupt
      Order of the pythagorean illuminati

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