(New) Atlantis, The Venus Project, And The Perfect Meritocratic State

venus lucifer project
Atlantis. Plato heard of it from Solon. I wonder if someone saw the similarities between Atlantis and the Venus Project. Don’t want to talk about submerged Objects, nor the theory of Antarctica being the true Atlantis. Obviously there must be a culture/cultures before our “official” history (buildings with 100 tons Stones in it, etc.) , which is by the way total crap and full of lies : 99% lies, 1% possible truth(s). History means “His Story”, cleary identified as the boring patriarchial “Leadership”. Brutal, dumb morons, children of Satan, the old world order, cocksuckers compared to every single member of the ILLUMINATI. The perfect geometrical Object is a circle, or in 3D a Globe. Ever wondered about why we are all “living” in “Boxes”, squares? (“It’s hip to be square”, a song by Robert Palmer, which makes me really puke) Well, think about it. Atlantis was made of concentrical circles and so is the Venus Project City/State. The Venus Project also reflects the perfect, meritocratic State, the political form of the ancient Order of the Pythagorean Illuminati. So it is kinda useless searching for old things buried somewhere, their time is over, they are gone. But we live here today and have to change the old, and useless Structures of the old world order. WE have to change the world, no one else will do it for us, for you and for me. STOP being a not-person, or an unawoken soul. Do NOT listen to the media, politics, religion and try to live without the biggest slavemaker of today: money.

So, what can the average person do?
Stop being blinded by the above mentioned facts.
Join the meritocratic party worldwide.
Learn, read, study.
Find alternatives to a “normal” job, stay away from those who call themselves “Boss”.
Your “Boss” is fucking moron, a cocksucker, an unawoken soul, kick him in the nuts.
He is not supporting you, get rid of him.
Try to trade, make worldwide contacts with people who think like you, sell things over the internet, steal from the rich, do what the fuck you want. No one will ever judge you, when live is over and you die. Only your own eternal soul is intersted in the things you have done. “Good” or “Bad” make no sense at all. MORALITY does. Do what is POSSIBLE, not what is “allowed”. Make no mistake and be with the most advanced souls ever incarnated, here are their names:

King Solomon the Apostate, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Simon Magus, Hypatia, Leibniz, Weishaupt, Goethe and Hegel.


8 responses to “(New) Atlantis, The Venus Project, And The Perfect Meritocratic State

  1. Ah this is quite interesting. As I have an idea to also implement a meritocratic city/state. I have created some designs for it. They are not perfect considering they are only concepts. However the message in the description of my designs are quite clear.

    This particular design that I have is known as the city of Agora ( in greek meaning ”gathering place” ) The meritocratic city of Agora will have a resource tower ( Lumin Organization Towers ) at it’s center. This will serve as a massive resource center for the city.

    . The Ancient Agora of Athens was the best-known example, birthplace of democracy. Just as the ancient Agora was the birthplace of democracy, the future Agora shall be the birth place of the implemented meritocratic republic democracy. Below is a link to the city diagram of Agora.

    The city is comprised of a main resource center in the center of the city, this is the same place where the resource tower ( Lumin Towers ) are located in the city. In the outside of the rings adjacent to the resource center there are schools, advanced medical centers, libraries and science centers. The outer towers surrounding the out avenues of the city, will serve as community skyscrapers which will serve as indoor community structure, with parks, residential housing, resstraunts, and so forth. The outer section adjacent to the community skyscrapers will be individualized houses, as well as green park. In the outskirts of the city would be green houses and agriculture to grow organic goods. Beyond the outskirts is the main dome all, which is representing in this diagram as two lines with some dots in a circular pattern.

    Here are some other digrams in the city in the fallowing links below:

    1. City/ship space colony:

    2. Agora city/dome ( Note: the cities will mainly be placed within these domes to protect from dangerous enviornmnetal hazards and so forth. )

    3 Agora city diagram:

    4. Lumin Towers diagram ( Note: The lumin Towers architechtural style will be the future architectural style for all of the biuldings in the cities )

    • Hello Jerome

      thx for your pictures.
      you are surely welcome.

      …but forget about “dumbocracy” if you are really a man of merit.


      • I am a man of meritocracy, as seen in my talents I can rise above to higher heights of achievent and even find a set field that is compadable with my talent, creativity and passion. I found that civil engineering would be the best career for me to go to.

        I am a meritorous seeker seeking the grail, and so far I am getting ever closer to finding it. As for ”dumbmockracy” it failed when our Obama was elected. He was domocracy’s last chance at reformation. Obama failed and has not only failed but has made the current situation worse.

        It is now or never If we to not implement a meritocratic state/community within a few decades then the OWO would win.

  2. M6667 I have a question do you know if this email address still works, or is it an invalid address?


    I have attached a PDF file attachment to the email when I sent it to : However seeing as the message failed to send I may need someone to send the message for me, I can send you the PDF file via email if you would like to see it M6667.

    I tried to send the Pythagorean Illuminati an important message, however unfortionatly I got a falure notice and the message did not send. If you or anyone else can assist me in sending this important message to the Pythagorean Illuminati, then I would be very greatful for that:

    Message: To :

    Form: Jerome Kier

    ( PDF file attachment )

    Greetings this is Jerome Kier again. I have evolved since are last encounter regarding the website. I decided to abandon that website since it was a failure to begin with. Instead I have been concintrating on my talents and creativity ( merit ).

    I have been able to create this concept in order to hopefully give the Pythagorean Illuminati a blueprint as to making an actual corporation/ meritocratic state, that can fight the OWO on equal terms. This document was produced from days of my own research regarding quantam physics as well as creating the concept for the Corporation itself.

    I have been focusing on my merit and may have found an ideal career which I may be best in ( civil engineering ). I am also going to give you some more of my complete quantum research that I think you would find rather useful.

    I hope you enjoy viewing my meritocratic work regarding the PDF, as it is a prime display of most of my talent and skills. Please reply to me after reading the PDF if you have the time to. Thank You

    – Regards Jerome Kier

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