Being an Illuminatus

The difference between “me” and the others is, that I never announced myself as an Illuminatus, on the contrary, I was announced BY the Illuminati. What is it to be an Illuminatus? At first you have the feeling you are complete alone and the whole world hates you, is your enemy. It is truly this way, kind of. No one seems to understand who deep the rabbithole goes, to say it with the words of our beloved movie “The Matrix”, everthing said seems so surface-like to me. There is a “soul-bound” over long ages, many lives, many deaths. To find the Illuminati again in your present incarnation should be your highest goal. Once I asked myself a “final” question: WHERE IS THE GOOD IN THE WORLD? Is there any at all? Soon after I found the Illuminati – after 25years of searching, reading, painful ways, destroyed “lives” etc., The Illuminati are the only ones who know and live the TRUTH. Without the Illuminati mankind would still live in caves or worse. Open your fucking eyes! Open your fucking ears! Open your fucking mind! The world is bullshit and lies to nearly 100%. The only spark of (silver) light are definitely the Illuminati. If one has read ALL of the stuff availaible no questions will be left. For now. Because we never stop, we never die. Only bodies die, the soul/mind/monad does not. To seek “immortality” is completely idiotic therefore. Stop fearing death! Free yourself! How can you be still so selfish (idiotic) in your intentions and ways, telling me you understand the words of the enlightened ones. NO you do not understand. You will be still nailed to the wheel of unaware incarnation. There is no other way to master mind and matter as becoming god. A PHOSTER (an archon on the evil side) is what we all have to become. This is the way, this is the goal. Wanna be an Illuminatus? Be ready to eat shit. Still wanna come around?



24 responses to “Being an Illuminatus

  1. I am ready to advance to the next degree. I had so much I wanted to say to the writers of the AC site and unfortunately they shut off their email before I had a chance. I had their email from the beginning and read each article on AC since they started posting them in 2008. I have very much to offer this order and if you respond and are willing to talk over email I would be happy to discuss and help our common cause and goals in any assistance I can provide. Thank you for making this blog as well.

      • If lived correctly as a true “lover of wisdom”, one should have no further questions to ask…

      • Or if you are referring to the “final” question as of now and not at the end of one’s life, then the question is: WHERE IS THE GOOD IN THE WORLD?

  2. Hello “Justin”

    I asked myself this question one night, with the answer that there is not any good in this world. Only myself can try to be “good”. Soon after I have found the AC Website which still is Illuminating me today. Regardless of all Books and posts.

    What could the “lover of wisdom” mean then?

    “Wisdom” is information. There is “information of quality” and the contrary.
    So will it be ARCHON or PHOSTER for you, Justin?

    The Illuminati decide who is ready for the next step, the next grade in our Order.
    I am an Illuminatus of the 1st grade and therefore cannot promote you further.

    Feel free to post here, and try to find, make, do something truly illuminating for mankind, and then, maybe then, the Illuminati will contact you.

    So it is the same with me. The path of Illumination is long, not for the weak, nor for betrayers and liars. Show the highest respect to the Illuminati ruling council. These are the only ones who provide all information needed for everything and anything.
    Maybe they will share with us once again (like the AC Website) or not. They gave everthing the openly could and/or were allowed to do so. Many are telling me the have read the WHOLE AC Website, all available Books BY the Illuminati, etc.. I see they don’t. They lie. Why? Because their search is the search for POWER, not for WISDOM. Wisdom becomes power, but power never becomes wisdom. Total selfawreness is the goal of an Illuminatus, not the power over others. Every man and women shall be free.

    A.W.E. Ancient Order Of The Illuminati

    • I agree with you and have asked myself these same questions many times before. But after realizing that I must also make the choice to be so called “good” and since we are all “creators,” I decided to create the good in the world. I feel a very close connection to all those throughout history who have suffered at the hands of the OWO attempting to change their system of control and can almost instantly remember their pain.

      To have this connection, in my opinion, makes me “conscious” and all the masses who are willfully ignorant and apathetic I believe are truly “unconscious.” I will not tell you I have read every single book put out by AOI but I have read 95% of the AC site only because I may have missed a paragraph or so each year. But I will tell you that I honestly came to the conclusion many years ago on an epiphany of my own that the “god” of the holy books is an evil deity which the abrahamists call satan. I thought it the most hillarious irony that they bow down each day to this torturous force and metaphorically give away their energy and their power, it even has them say it verbally in their cult prayers.

      You asked what I thought “lover of wisdom” means and my response is that wisdom aka knowledge is the true currency so i wish to be rich beyond my wildest dreams with this currency, not the fake fiat dirty paper that they enslave the unconscious with. But because I think this way it has been almost impossible for me NOT to easily have a somewhat large amount of income and power that I currently have at least in my community and surrounding area. Yet no matter how hard and smart I work or try, the chances are astronical for me, having been born into a low income family, to ever compete on the highest levels with the archons of the OWO in their rigged financial system using their currency. So then I will blow them away with the real currency we speak of, in which they are too arrogant and self absorbed to attain.

      I have done and will continue to be a beacon of light in the darkness and truly change this hellhole we are spinning on no matter what the cost. I will continue to learn until I can say that I “know thyself” completely and have done everything possible in this incarnation to fight back and grind myself against the gears of the machine. And for me, one of the highest honors I could attain is to be so effective that the OWO would actually have to assassinate me to snuff me out because I brought it to them so hard. What an honor that would be. That would be much more difficult then some schmuck who works bell to bell everyday and spends his whole life aquiring worthless dirty paper to then one day even achieve “billionaire” status. To me that billionaire would be a broke fool, who learned NOTHING and left no mark on history except his wallet and probably farm animal spoiled children.

      Here is the website to one of the many projects I am currently working on:

      I invite you to read the lengthy mission/impact statement on one of the pages in which I wanted to incorporate alot of the ideals I picked up from reading AOIs work. There is much more work to be done and I will get to it now…

      One philosopher aka “lover of wisdom” to another…


      • Hello Justin

        Thank you for your highly interesting last post. I feel your words are true, and you are “baldly” opposed to the OWO. Your Webiste is good looking and professional and i hope you and your crew can really do want you intend with your great project. There is not much to do, to become a hunted person by the OWO. Simply destroy their idols. Burn a church for example. The OWO Drones (“normal, religious” people (creatures)) will target you immediately. Erase an OWO icon person. Give his dead body a sign of the Illuminati, and you surely must hide in a cave. So, is that really what you want? To die in many ways is necessary, logic and part of the great “dialectic”, the mathemathical framework of both universes, material universe, and the mental, monad universe. Both ruled by ontological mathemathics. The meaning of live is to raise “information” to its ultimate level, BUT be careful, don’t be too fast. Let all information sink, give your inner “alchemy” time to cook – a good meal always takes its time…

        I am looking forward to communicate with you.

        Best regards


  3. Thank you for the compliments. My apologies for the delayed response. I understand what you are saying, but what I meant was in a different way to challenge to the OWO. Violence in that form would be foolish of any of us. The thing they fear most is the spread of information and the breaking of the spell upon the sheep. It is an unfortunate fact that for the majority, yes, they are completely hypnotized and their programming is so deep rooted that they could never “wake up.” However, I have found that there are a percentage of people, whom, if presented with logic, facts, and a new way of viewing things, will deprogram and will become conscious.

    I hope that we can reach enough movers and shakers that we can change the entire paradigm and the sheep will just follow along as usual. And as you’ve mentioned before, the next generations that come into incarnation might not have the abrahamic programming of past generations. So if one was to be effective in this form, they might have such an effect worldwide that they would have to be silenced by the OWO. THAT would be an impressive accomplishment. There are a few people in recent history that this has happened to but only a few of us understood why they died and what the real cause was.

    I also look forward to further communication.


    • the percentage of people who can be changed seems to be extremely small.
      i presented the core-ideas of meritocracy and anti-Abrahamism to more than one hundred people by now – but I could convince only three or four and none of them is teaching the idea as relentless as I try so it could be spread effectively.
      I guess a huge hit in the face of society would be very helpful…
      as long as I am talking about minimum wage and maximum property it works out okay, not fine but at least okay. but as soon as I start talking about the idiocy in religious teachings, meritocratic right to vote, the freedom of children to make up their own opinions and the inheritance tax, most people disagree without even being able to justify their attitude.
      as soon as it comes to the Illuminati and I try to convince them that they should stop talking about the Illuminati and rather start to listen instead, listen to what the Illuminati themselves have to say about that shrouded in mystery order and not idiots like Icke, Fullford and Jones, so they can shape their own opinion, the absolute majority calls me satanic, schizophrenic or NWO-agent… and you know what, I begin to hate them for they are the reason why I have to live in such a fucked up world.

      sometimes I’m so fucking angry that I start to assume that the answer to the question: “how many people may be ´sacrificed` in order to liberate the humanity?”
      is “every fuckin’ last one of us if necessary.”

      • hailz juri

        today i am a little drunk and stoned and fucked up.
        so fuck the OWO world today deeply.

        i do not like to say that but you are kinda right. the average peron is a fucking robot. a “higher” robot than a believer for example, but still a moronic slave. the Illuminati’s visions and plans are way too complicated and life and thought changing, that the average person would not stand it. their education, their fear, their believes stop them from all – they see and feel nothing. and never mention the Illuminati at all. You are insane or agent or alien or evil or laughable – all the stupid shit as ever.

        how can we change this fucking world for the better?

        i must admit to my shame, that i simply do not kmow it yet.
        i think the “old” is not changeable anymore. we must look for the youth of tomorrow.
        media is the new way, we nust get bigger influence over the internet media-possibilities.
        swarm away their bullshit with our valueable information, art, music etc..

        nearly ever average person knows today that life is bullshit. but the only thing they are looking for, is to gain money and influence, like the slavedrivers do. what ridiculous creatures are they? kinda ant.

        it is time to say NO.

        i am not like you.
        i am not your kind.
        i am not a slave.
        i am becoming god.

        these 5 simple statements (except the “god thing” being easy…) would lead the average idiot easliy to scream bloody murder.
        burn the witch.
        hang him higher.
        as a new Illuminatus it is one of my tasks to enlighten the dark.
        the blinded mind of humanity.
        so what?

        as a musician i have lots connection to other people, and in my “official” job, also.
        they are all not free in mind, not capeable of “higher things”.
        they even fell uncomfortable, when they realise, that the earth speeds with 1.500 km/h around sol, and the sol system around the milky way and so on. THIS is enough for them. unbelieveable. Compared to the easier teachings of the Illuminati, their intelligence is laughable. these people are allowed to vote. makes me shudder.

        meritocracy is the same horrible thing for them.
        1st it sounds kinda good to them, but the deeper they go, their fear rises, they cannot follow any more.

        mathematics could be the answer.
        mankind could be calculated.
        so, a certain formula could arise, which works for the “higher things” kinds “automatically”.
        know someone who is great in math?


  4. I think that cryptocurrency Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt the current financial sustem and create a new one, Let us not to be kidding ourselves, without power,wealth it will be impossible to change the world, Bitcoin is based on pure mathematical logarithms and therefore uncorruptible per se, The only way OWO will win if they manage to take control of it.

    • the crypto currency bit coin is crap. the owo has complete control over the financial system. there is only one who rules this world – the FED dollar.


  5. M6667,

    I’ve read that Nietzsche was an “intuitive Illuminatus” and he most certainly has demonstrated so through his merit. I ask you, what is an “Intuitive Illuminatus”?

    I do have many questions for the Illuminati, but this also helps me understand exactly why secrets must be kept and initiated into with caution, for the power of the grail must be controlled, not unleashed.

    Speaking about the grail, I’ve come to an understanding that the true grail belongs to Abraxas, and the false grail serves Paracletus.

    “What ails thee?”
    ” This material world, this hell, ails me”

    “Whom does the grail serve?”

    The True God

    I feel have the “jist” of it and that makes me laugh , because I couldn’t even begin to grasp Illuminism as a member of the first degree ( as yourself ).

    I’m ready to blow up Satan’s Synagogue in Jerusalem, I’m ready to FIGHT. I wish to be a free soul, will free will and not limited by this bag of junk I call my material body. I cannot wait to meet all the brightest souls and REVOLUTIONIZE.

    Also, just like we can observe the 2D within the 3D, it’s rational you could observe the 3D as within the 4th?


    • hello austin (texas?)

      an intuitive illuminatus, is a being who nearly thinks and works like an illuminatus, but without knowing any of their aims.

      the grail should be “unleashed” on ever single lifeform on this planet, we call mother earth.

      you misunderstood the grail. YOU are the grail. the journey/search for the grail is esoterc, not exoteric. there is a “grail”, or without saying too much, a kind of stone, in the exoteric meaning. its protected by the real knights templar of the 21st century, and they have no website, and will not invite anyone that easy. i am talking about the real knights.

      why do you think that bombast pracelsus was a traitor? explain that.

      you should know that simon magus became abraxas, the first human being reaching gnosis. he is every illuminatus idol, and we want it to do like him. his skull remains are the “baphomet” of the knights templar, and that is the rerason why skull and crossbones is one of our prime symols. the jolly roger.

      “What ails thee?”
      ” This material world, this hell, ails me”

      “Whom does the grail serve?”

      The True God

      i think you understand the above mentioned better now.

      laughing at the owo is surely a good thing.
      i see like you too, that what we know compared to the higher illuminists, is like the snowflake on the top of mount everest.

      satans synagoge is everywhere. religion, politics, military, etc.. you cannot destroy hell, and why? evil is absolutely necessarry to keep the dialectic alive, every thing without the dialectic is static, dead. you cannot “fight” in the beyond, without your body. reincarnation is needed, because as the agent of your soul (that is the secret behind ego, mind, etc.) you have to walk through every life, you are transmitting everything, every second to your soul. this is the meaning of life of an average person. we want to break free of the wheel of unwanted incarnation, so we have to come so close to our soul, the god particle, that we can decide on our own, when, where, and as what we incarnate, without losing any information of our eternal being. this is a part of gnosis. but be sure, even if you can incarnate on your own will, you still have not reached full gnosis yet, you have to become a phoster. from this level on, you have reached everything to get full gnosis, awareness of the universe and everthing else.

      make peace with your body, you need it here. even to fight.

      666 = 6 dimensions, 3 esoteric, 3 exoteric.

      you are welcome, brother.


  6. Ohhhh hey I hope this is still active. I have read everything on the AC and I understand most of it all. The thing is I had a shroom trip which changed my life forever, I had an ego death and saw infinity for a couple of hours and now I have an exact purpose in life. I wish to contribute in bringing meritocracy to the world and I would love to talk to you.

  7. Hey, I’ve been reading to AC for the past year 2 years, I want to become an Illuminatus, can you help me begin spiritually?

  8. I discovered the AC site when it was only a few posts old back in 08… It truly was life changing for me – I have read the whole site, but not all their books, and I have not yet absorbed everything – it’s a lot to take in, but I’m slowly trying to learn more. One thing that’s close to my heart, and what truly resonates is the emphasis on a good and fit education. The way children are taught and expected to learn is fucked up. The AC site spoke of how children needed to be nurtered differently when it came to learning – find out what makes the child tick and encourage them to learn at what they’re good at – instead of setting them up for failure, and boring them w/ stuff they can’t grasp – it’s why many kids drop out of school or don’t go to college – the OWO fucked them over and made them insecure. Made them feel dumb or worthless, and no shit most ppl just give up in trying to learn. It’s a system designed to produce compliant, linear minds who are mostly only good at REMEMBERING information in order to get good grades. But what a lot of them lack is creativity and an autonomous mind set. Many of the kids who do well in school grow up to be dumb little sheep-like-yuppies who are enslaved to mammon on many levels… while the kids who the system fails, grow up to be addicted to drugs and/or stuck at a dead end job. It should be common sense for ppl to realize that education is NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL… we’re all capable of being divine and completing divine works – only if one was nurtered correctly however, and encouraged.

    I myself, was screwed over by the OWO as a kid – they labeled me ADD but thank Abraxas my Mother refused to drug me W/ their poisonous crap. Instead, I got bad grades and was/am horrible in math. I could read well, and was curious but my math skills sucked. Suffice to say it led me to drop out at 15 years of age… I’m simply a worker now at 25 years, never went back to school, and I don’t want to – at least not with the way shit is currently – I prefer reading info on my own, making up MY OWN MIND – and strive to know and improve myself more so that before I die, I do something meaningful to change the world, then I NEVER EVER want to reincarnate – throughout my whole life I felt like my home is elsewhere – nobody truly thinks like me, most don’t think for themselves at all, and laugh at you when you speak truths – it’s so fucking backwards and frustrating, to be misunderstood and have this intuition that this world is hell, and we’re prisoners who should be looking to break free – that’s why the AC site meant so much to me – reading it didn’t make me feel alone, and it’s teachings have taught me to be a little bold, and have an ego, to disrupt shit and have controversial opinions without guilt!

    It’s positive to see more ppl online who intuit this truth of this world being run and created by satan. I wish everyone’s time would come NOW, then we all overthrow the OWO and reclaim our dignity and independence – it’s frustrating to wait around – I wish it could be asap… but of course I need to be the change, therefore I must keep perfecting myself until it’s time. I couldn’t care less about my body and this world – but I love my family, and I don’t want any human or even animal to suffer pain. I long to see the day we all achieve Gnosis as One Humanity and produce a Utopian world and/or ascend to Heaven/whatever happens so long as we’re free from the demiurge…

    • hello young friend “aurora”

      your words reached me.

      1. education in school is made to make the children slaves to the system and lovers of football and celebrity tv, mostly like their parents. Whats being “tought” in schools is pure bullshit after kindergarten and 1+1, and even this has become pure horror, gender equalty and shit. Religious crap, etc..

      2. you are 25 man. i am 48. cool down. you found the true Illuminati at this young age, make something of it. be proud of yourself. fuck your enemies. you read the AC site, and you KNOW why everything is so fucked up. and besides: a hail to your mom. good girl. your home is inside you, and where people like, love and respect you. i was always bad in math too. but be cool, as your brain follows more and more logic functions, your understanding and using of math will go hand in hand, so to say. never speak the truth to the average public. useless. if you do so, do in a personal way, where set and setting are alright.there is no guilt, free yourself. forever and ever.

      3. do not underestimate your body. you need it here, its this worlds vehicle. so being fit in esoteric and exoteric means is a good thing. we all have to die and give a shit about the human shell. violence is the prince of this world. death is the king. well, who cares. we shouldn’t. we say fuck off to everything their shitworld has to offer. take want you want without remorse. be true to yourself. if someone kicks your ass, nail his fucking head to the wall.

      so, my young friend. the world is yours. take her.

      (and you do not need a piece of paper degree)


  9. i already have a degree, it didnt help me anywere!! the knowledge that came with it is important thow, but gnosis is a constant proces ,is a promethean strugle , a marathon for those how have an iron will ,and many times i failed to stay in the track ,my natural lazynes took over!

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