Society Of The Divine

The Illuminati – the Enlightened Ones – the Coming Race – the Perfected Race – the Divine Race – HyperHumanity.

The history of the world was decided some seventeen hundred years ago. It’s a tale of two Roman Emperors: Constantine and Julian. Constantine, in one of the most disastrous acts in human history, converted to the Devil Worshipping cult of Christianity. This utterly evil religion claimed that Jesus Christ came to save us from the eternal sentence of hell to which humanity had been subjected because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve (“Original Sin”). However, it was Jesus Christ himself who imposed this grotesque penalty on humanity in the first place, so he was in effect coming to save us from HIMSELF! Without Jesus Christ, there would have been no need for Jesus Christ. Christianity is an absurd, circular religion, irrational and wicked in every conceivable way. It first condemns you then says it knows how to save you. But you wouldn’t need to be saved if you hadn’t been condemned. The condemnation part is what defines Christianity, not the saving part. Christianity is a religion of condemnation, control and terror – a truly Satanic religion. The only thing people need to be saved from is Christianity. The only person from whom they need protection is Jesus Christ – the Devil!

The wondrous pagan Emperor Julian the Philosopher tried to save humanity by abolishing Christianity and making Neoplatonism the religion of Rome. Tragically, he died young in battle and the last chance to stop Devil Worship was lost. Even worse was to follow with the rise of Arab Judaeo-Christianity – the wicked, violent religion of Islam.

All sorts of garbage has been spoken about the Illuminati by right wing Christian conspiracy theorists and Old World Order stooges such as David Icke. The truth could hardly be simpler. The Illuminati are those who subscribe to the pagan religion of Pythagoras, Plato and Neoplatonism – a religion now known as Illuminism (or Illumination). It is the world’s only rational religion – the religion of MATHEMATICS.

“All things are numbers.” – Pythagoras

“Number rules all.” – Pythagoras

The sacred mission of the Illuminati is to destroy the evil, Satanic religions of the Jews, Christians and Muslims and to bring the world global enlightenment via the only sane, rational ground for religion: ontological mathematics where souls are defined as dimensionless Pythagorean-Leibnizian monads (mathematical points) and are characterized by the two most mysterious numbers of all – zero and infinity.

Illuminism is all about an ontological Cartesian-Gaussian 6D coordinate grid (the “ether”), based on three real and three imaginary axes (space and time), Euler’s Formula (the God Equation), Fourier transforms, the Riemann Sphere, complex numbers (rather than the “real” numbers of scientific materialism) and ontological calculus based on monads and infinitesimals. It provides a complete explanation of reality – a grand unified theory of everything, including, mind, matter, life, consciousness, the unconscious and free will. All of it reflects mathematics. The universe is 100% mathematical.

Illuminism replaces not only Abrahamism and Karmism (Hinduism and Buddhism), but also scientific materialism. Illuminism is all about rationalist idealism rather than empiricist materialism. The whole of Illuminism can be worked out from the most astounding of all axioms – Leibniz’s Principle of Sufficient Reason (for every fact there is a reason why it is so and not otherwise).

Mathematics alone guarantees you an eternal soul and eternal life. It also offers you the most incredible prize of all – the opportunity to optimize and solve your own personal mathematical code and thereby BECOME GOD!

The Illuminati have appeared at various great epochs in history. Nowhere has their influence been more felt than in the greatest liberating event in human history – the French Revolution, led by two of the towering heroes of the Illuminati: Robespierre and Saint-Just. The French Revolution was the culmination of the Enlightenment which was all about casting down false Gods and false tyrant kings and ushering in a new Age of Reason. Tragically, both the Revolution and the Enlightenment ultimately failed. The world is still ruled by the forces of Endarkenment. The Devil religions still have billions of followers and the tyrant kings have been replaced by super rich capitalists, a few thousand of whom “own” close to half the world and have more power than the kings ever had.

It’s time for the Second Enlightenment. It’s time for global Illumination. It’s time for the advent of the Coming Race – the HyperHumans who will construct a Community of Gods on Earth, a Society of the Divine.

Join the War for Freedom, the Second Enlightenment. Become part of the Movement. It’s time to seize the Liberty Bell from the tyrants. Become the new shock troops of truth and freedom – the new Knights Templar (a secret Illuminati Order wiped out by the Catholic Church when it realized it had been infiltrated by pagan heretics determined to smash it).


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