Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati

How did it come about that a revolutionary movement committed to the overthrow of corrupt European monarchies and privileged elites became, via the propaganda of its enemies, the very embodiment of everything it opposed? The Illuminati, through several historical epochs, have striven to overthrow the super rich and super powerful, and they have suffered savage persecution as a consequence. So how can they be confused with the puppetmasters who stand behind these tyrants of privilege and power? It’s absurd. Any person who knows anything of the history of the Illuminati should be able to see that their aims are incompatible with the aims commonly attributed to them by many anti-NWO conspiracy theorists.

Below we provide a Q&A list to address many of the myths surrounding the Illuminati’s most notorious Grand Master – Adam Weishaupt, and the Illuminati in general.

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Q. Did Adam Weishaupt (AW) found the Illuminati?
A. No, the Illuminati is a much older organisation. It has existed for millennia.

Q. Was AW a Grand Master of the Illuminati?
A. Yes. He was based in Bavaria in Germany. Since he was the first Grand Master to bring the Illuminati into public awareness, he sometimes pretended that the Illuminati was a new secret society, created by him. He was thus able to avoid questions about the long history of the Illuminati, which might have revealed important clues that would have assisted the Illuminati’s enemies. The Illuminati have still not provided a precise history, and reserve this information for senior initiates. (It has erroneously been claimed that AW said that the last King of Persia founded the Illuminati, and then wrote a letter to a fellow member of the Illuminati in which he admitted this was an “innocent lie”. AW made no such claim and wrote no such letter, and such assertions are manifestly absurd. Why would a republican organisation opposed to monarchy claim a monarch as its founder? Why would an Illuminati Grand Master write to a member about such a matter instead of discussing it in a closed session of the Illuminati, with the customary requirement of complete secrecy? It is also claimed that three princes and various barons belonged to the Illuminati. Is this likely given the Illuminati’s republicanism, their opposition to aristocrats and their leading role in the French Revolution, which led to the smashing of the power of the French monarchy and aristocracy, and the creation of a French Republic?)

Q. Did AW reject Catholicism and the Jesuits?
A. Yes. He became a Gnostic and therefore an enemy of the Satanic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He was content to be described as a deist rather than a theist. Anyone who understands Gnosticism will see why this should be so.

Q. Was AW influenced by the European Enlightenment?
A. Yes. He was a radical freethinker, but he did not go down the atheist/agnostic path as so many other leading thinkers did. He wanted to bring the light of knowledge/gnosis to those in the dark thrall of Satan.

Q. Was the Illuminati part of Freemasonry?
A. No. Freemasonry was a creation of the Illuminati, though it then evolved undesirably (paradoxically due to its success in America where all the main figures involved in the American Revolution were Masons) and eventually became everything the Illuminati opposed i.e. Freemasonry was corrupted and transformed itself into the very oppressive establishment it once resisted. (The vast majority of members of the Old World Order today are senior Freemasons.) The Illuminati did not travel the same path as the Masons. They remained true, steadfast and untarnished, although they have never subsequently been able to shake off their connection to Freemasonry in the eyes of the unenlightened and ill-informed. The Freemasons, as a creation of the Illuminati, are not party to any secrets unknown to the Illuminati, and were duped by the Illuminati to protect the Illuminati’s core secrets – as will be discussed in another section.

Q. Did AW and the Illuminati believe in perfecting human nature?
A. Yes. (As far as possible within the framework provided by Gnosticism.)

Q. Was the Illuminati linked to the Alchemists, the Cathars, and the Knights Templar?
A. Yes. They were all Gnostic, and the Illuminati stood behind all of them.

Q. Did the Illuminati believe in the abolition of religion?
A. No. Only in the abolition of Satanic religions that enslaved and damned people (such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.) It is true that many members of the Illuminati went under the guise of orthodox Christians to avoid the penalties associated with heresy.

Q. Did the Illuminati believe in the abolition of government?
A. No. Only in the abolition of oppressive governments such as those of monarchs, aristocrats, and privileged elites. They opposed Communism for the same reason.

Q. Did the Illuminati believe that they should rule the world?
A. No. They wished to create a New World Order in which everyone would have the chance to go as far in life as their talents warranted. At that stage, there would be no further need of the Illuminati. The purpose of the Illuminati was to free and educate people as far as possible. A society composed entirely of free, well-educated and talented individuals would result in an emergent society from which a new, higher type of humanity would emerge. Throughout history, most people have been neither free nor educated, and the human race has remained enslaved.

Q. Are the Illuminati linked to a Masonic elite in the present day?
A. No. The Illuminati have repudiated Freemasonry and now rank it alongside the Satanic religions. Most Freemasons are Protestant Christians: anathema to the Illuminati. (The Illuminati are enemies of all forms of Satanic Christianity. Catholicism was their great enemy historically, but Protestantism now spawns the greatest opposition to the Illuminati.)

Q. Do the Illuminati believe in a free, just, noble and unified world?
A. Yes, that is their ultimate vision, though they believe it would take many steps to get there. They believe that nationalism, patriotism, separation, isolationism, different languages, different cultures, different religions, all inevitably lead to division, suspicion, fear and, finally, conflict. Humanity should emphasise what unites it rather than what divides it. A New World Order with a single world language and a single economy where there are no boundaries and no barriers best symbolizes this new state of being. Star Trek provides a vision of such a future world. Star Trek envisages a one-world meritocracy where greed, money, nationalism, celebrity, monarchy have all been eliminated.

Q. Did AW say, “Let this circumstance of our constitution therefore be directed to this noble purpose, and then all the objections urged against it by jealous tyranny and affrighted superstition will vanish.”
A. Yes.

Q. Did AW say, “And of all illumination which human reason can give, none is comparable to the discovery of what we are, our nature, our obligations, what happiness we are capable of, and what are the means of attaining it.”
A. Yes.

Q. Do the Illuminati believe in the abolition of private property?
A. No. But they are opposed to excessive ownership of private property. They believe in a fair share for everyone. When one person gains more than his fair share, he is depriving another of his. You end up with a few families owning much of the land and wealth of a nation, thus placing massive power in their hands and outside the hands of the people. This cannot be tolerated. It is the basis of unfairness, inequality and injustice in society.

Q. Do the Illuminati believe in the abolition of the family?
A. No. But they do advocate much higher government involvement in the lives of failing families in order to save those families from themselves and stop them becoming a burden to other members of the community. All families are ultimately interdependent: a failing family affects all the families around it. Therefore government must intervene decisively to stop one bad apple spoiling the barrel, which is what happens too often in contemporary society. A huge underclass of failed families exists which sucks up taxpayers’ money and requires an extremely costly police force to keep it in order, an extremely costly criminal justice system, an extremely costly prison system, and an extremely costly welfare and social care system. These are huge costs that are never recovered. Failed families are a constant drain on the rest of society. Therefore, government must act before the failure of a family becomes cast in stone and irretrievable. No family has the right, in the name of personal freedom, to become a burden to other families.

Q. Did AW believe that the world would be improved if “every man were placed in the office for which he was fitted by nature and a proper education.”
A. Yes. This is a good definition of meritocracy.

Q. Do the Illuminati believe in democracy?
A. No. They believe in meritocracy where the vote is granted to those who have demonstrated that they can think meaningfully and productively about the issues of the day. No one should get an automatic right to a vote simply by living long enough to reach their 16th, 18th or 21st birthday.

Q. Is the Illuminati fascist?
A. No. Meritocracy is opposed to fascism. Fascism is obsessed with racial purity, nationalism, patriotism and xenophobia. Meritocracy is opposed to all of these. Ironically, many of the people who denounce the Illuminati as fascists could themselves be accurately described as fascists. The nationalist American “patriots” who despise their government, who rail against the Illuminati, who hate foreigners, who have never ventured out of their country, would all be classified by the Illuminati as dangerous fascists. Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, is a classic example of an American patriotic fascist. The racist, slave-loving, Masonic Confederate States of America currently furnish most of the enemies of the Illuminati.
Q. Was Albert Pike a member of the Illuminati?
A. No. Pike was a racist, pro-slavery Confederate officer who loathed poor Irish immigrants arriving in America. He was a leading thinker in the type of Freemasonry that had become anathema to the Illuminati. Pike’s version of Freemasonry has been appropriated by the Old World Order since it is compatible with their aims and agenda. The supposed connection of Pike to the Illuminati is absurd. He represented everything that people like Adam Weishaupt fought against. Why would a society that wanted to overthrow tyranny support racism and slavery? It is unthinkable, and all the conspiracy theories that link Pike to the Illuminati are idiotic.

Q. Was Giusseppe Mazzini a member of the Illuminati?
A. No. He wished to join the Illuminati, and was originally viewed favourably. He went through several stages of initiation before being deemed unsuitable. He set up a false version of the Illuminati that soon disappeared. His false Illuminati is at the root of many of the sinister rumours that surround the Illuminati. However, it must be acknowledged that not all of his activities were deemed hostile to the interests of the Illuminati.

Q. Did the Illuminati ever cease to exist?
A. No. The Illuminati has been in continuous existence since its inception. There have been no breaks, though it has sometimes operated under alternative names to prevent detection by its enemies. It has never been suppressed, and has never disbanded.

Q. Is the Illuminati’s political vision based on Plato’s Republic?
A. No. It is based on ancient and hidden Gnostic teachings.

Q. Are the Illuminati opposed to liberty?
A. No. They are champions of liberty. They want people to be as free as possible within a just, fair meritocracy. They oppose “freedom” where it allows disproportionate appropriation of resources (by the super rich, for example), thus starving others of resources and making others less free than they would otherwise be.

Q. Are the Illuminati linked to American “neocons”?
A. No. The neocons wish to impose the bondage of the Satanic Old World Order upon the whole of humanity. How could a revolutionary movement such as the Illuminati that has always sought to overthrow the forces of privilege ever be associated with “conservative” thinking? It is a crucial point that the Old World Order simply wish to extend their current political model all across the globe (best summarised as American “democratic” market capitalism). In no sense do they wish to create a New World Order. They aim to give the world more of the same; nothing new. The New World Order of the Illuminati means an entirely new economic, religious and political model for humanity, with meritocracy at its core. The Old World Order would have no place in the Illuminati’s New World Order. All of their wealth and power would be stripped from them. That, of course, is why they fear the Illuminati so much and why they spend so much time engaged in propaganda against the Illuminati.

Q. Did the Illuminati have a strong involvement in the Scottish War of Independence against England, the English Civil War, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the American Civil War, the Irish Easter Uprising, the Russian Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, and many other risings and revolutions?
A. Yes. There is Illuminati involvement in most revolutions, rebellions and uprisings. It is usually advantageous to the Illuminati to destabilise the power of the Old World Order in any part of the world at any time. However, the Illuminati will not support causes with which they have no sympathy, even if they might provide tactical gains.
Q. Do the many conspiracy theories involving the Illuminati have any basis in truth?
A. Most conspiracy theories are absurd – a hotchpotch of paranoid rants and crazy links between things that have no connection whatsoever. How can a secret society such as the Illuminati that has always opposed monarchy, excessive wealth and privilege be placed alongside the super rich, royalty and dynastic families in the pantheon of conspiracy theories? It is ludicrous and merely reflects the stupidity of the people who hold these nonsensical views. To say that the Illuminati, a society that has had to flee the persecution of the Old World Order, are the puppetmasters behind the scenes is too ridiculous for words. Any conspiracy theorist who is unable to distinguish between the Old World Order and the New World Order hasn’t even begun to understand the true nature of the world. Conspiracy theorists tend to assemble a list of everything they fear and hate then put them all together into one huge conspiracy, no matter that the pieces simply don’t fit together. Any conclusions that flow from such an idiotic collection of incompatible ingredients are invariably laughable. The Old World Order is extremely right wing. The Illuminati would be considered on the left (though, in fact, they reject many liberal, left wing nostrums). Saint-Just, Robespierre and Marat, all members of the Jacobin Club in revolutionary France, were senior members of the Illuminati. The only reason such people would visit Bohemian Grove would be to burn it down. It is always wrong to shoehorn right wing and left wing groups together.

Q. Are the Illuminati wealthy?
A. The Illuminati have many priceless artefacts in their possession. However, they would never sell any of these items since they reflect the history and the great religious secrets of the Illuminati. So, their wealth is simultaneously vast but in no way realisable.

Q. What are the secrets of the Illuminati?
A. The Illuminati have been open about their political agenda, but they will not comment expansively upon religious and spiritual matters until the moment is right.

Q. Are the Illuminati party to an astonishing religious mystery, a great secret?
A. Yes.

Q. Will the Illuminati’s forthcoming book “The Soul Camera” reveal any of their secrets?
A. This book will be a mixture of fact, fiction and disguised facts. The well-informed will gain many insights. For others, it will simply be a story.

It is in the name of truth, justice and freedom that the Illuminati will one day deliver the just, equitable and meritocratic New World Order humanity is crying out for.

“It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”
The Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland, 1320

Quotations by Adam Weishaupt
When man lives under oppressive government, he is fallen, his worth is gone, and his nature tarnished.

This is the great object held out by this association; and the means of attaining it is illumination, enlightening the understanding by the sun of reason which will dispel the clouds of superstition and of prejudice.

And of all illumination which human reason can give, none is comparable to the discovery of what we are, our nature, our obligations, what happiness we are capable of, and what are the means of attaining it.

Nothing would be more profitable to us than a right history of mankind.

But I would have executed much greater things, had not government always opposed my exertions, and placed others in situations which would have suited my talents.

But alas, they are all sadly deficient, because they leave us under the domination of political and religious prejudices; and they are as inefficient as the sleepy dose of an ordinary sermon.

Morality will perform all this; and Morality is the fruit of Illumination.

My general plan is good, though in the detail there may be faults.

Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery.

© The New World Order


4 responses to “Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati

  1. How did Adam Weishaupt be considered such an evil individual? Simple, he wanted to overthrow Abrahamism; something considered sacred to the millions at the time. That’s why there are so many videos that are published by Christian Fundamentalists that talk heavily about Adam; he wanted to remove their insanity. That raises the question; how do you remove an infection that people do not see as dangerous to the mind and spirit?

    Also, pertaining to your first degree, I have a question that you could or could not answer, based on it being a secret or not. Were there people you saw as great potential to be members, or even Grand Masters (Such as Maria Gaetana Agnesi) but were never even admitted to the first degree? Meaning they had a great idea tied with Illuminism, shared it with the world, but either because of inanity (Nietzsche) or being too tied with Abrahamism (Dante).

    • Hello Lots

      To overthrow the 3 major religions was and is still one of the major goals of the Illuminati. Christian fundamentalists do not differ from the fanatic muslim, the fascist jew and all other violent, dumb, satanic religious bastards and bitches. To answer your question number 1: the infection is not removeable. It is too deeply imprinted, since childhood normally. (give me a child before it is 7 years old – this is of catholic origin, childmolesters) An intelligent adult would never believe in any shit religious leaders come up with. Every intelligent people would instantly describe and understand religious ideas of “the old” as bullshit and comletely idiotic, but surely against mankind and especially women. So we must concentrate on future generations, rising intelligence in the youth massively, everybody should be a professor or another kind of academic. So the religios problem will solve itself in 1 to 2 generations, if not much faster. Of course THEY will wage war against us, because of their fear to be annihilated forever.

      Answer to question number 2:
      Your answer is absolutely correct.


      • A very smart decision. Focus on the youth to create the next Benjamin Franklin than the next Martin Luther or Keith Thompson (His famous documentary showing not only how fundamentalist he is, but how Christian Conspiracy Fundamentalists just suck it all in as though it were fact While I am attending college, my thirst for knowledge has become rather dry from reading your books and watching videos of John Taylor Gatto’s topic of Education being a sol product of the Old World Order (While he never says it, he always references OWO masters like the Rocketfellers and Francis Galton). So in a sense, your experiment is slowly but surely becoming a success. My “final” goal is to become an independent writer while wanting to have universal knowledge, like Sophia’s possible incarnation (and Grandmaster) Hypatia of Alexandria. I may not have Leibniz/Goethe/Hypatia (Who’s estimated to have between 170-210) IQ levels, but:

        A) IQ has been proven over and over again to be shit, matter how many times it’s been “modified”.

        B) Why give up? I got a long life ahead of me and if I die this generation, I hope to do it all over again in my next incarnation.

        I do not want to be a follower and kiss your feet to become a member. If I am to become one, it will be based on the merit that I can bring to your cause and to the world in general rather than how much I actually know from AC. I will do my best to be ME and not THE ILLUMINATI. If it means to be one, than fantastic. I do however have one more question; not a lot is truly known about Hypatia of Alexandria. Sure, Pythatgoras created the theorem and basically shaped the Illuminati the way it is and Simon Magus was basically the Yehoshua ben Yosef of the Illuminati (Besides the silliness of virgin birth, reincarnation and actually wanting to spread knowledge rather than being worshiped.) And on and on and on, but what about Hypatia? LIttle is known about her and from the things that are known about her are from those who knew her or came across her. It sounds like she had the same tragedy of Pythagoras; all of her information that could have revolutionized the world lost from conquest and Abrahamist Insanity. All that I can fathem from her is that she edited/perfected her father’s commentary on Elements. My question (if it can be answered for privacy reason, which is understandable) is what did she do for the Illuminati that made her to be one of the great Grand Masters with more notable individuals like Leibniz, Goethe, Hegel and Adam Weisumpt (For better or worse)? If you cannot release such information, I am fine with that and will simply study what is left and come to my own conclusions, based on your philosophies and my interpretation(s) of it.

        Thank You, and M for the Movment & I for Illumination.

      • Aquarius – The Age of Evil (Full)

        …is an typical example of the OWO fearing losing their power.

        We are the Illuminati.

        We are THE NEW WORLD ORDER.


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