Muslim Religious Shitfucker – Fuel The Fire


“Light of the self” came up with some interesting video about a female “muslim” newsreporter, shitting on the koran and the muslim “manhood”. *LAUGH* Muslim manhood? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, wait, i wipe the tears of laughter out of my burning eyes. These impotent, mule fucking, satanic, religious slaves are nothing but shit. Unfortunately their minds were destroyed while childhood, and the eternal “babble” of the shit koran. I hate the bible and every single jewish output the same, to make this absolutely clear. In this video we see a religious cocksucker at its best. This unattractive moron babbles some typical bullshit about the koran, and agreeing religious scholars. *LAUGH WITH AN EVIL GRIN* “religious scholars” – what is it? A group of gnomes? Frodos? Morons? Ah, yep, morons, that was it. Fuck you and allah shitfuck. Fuck you jesuscunt minions. Fuck you jews and yhvh. I whish all of your damned soul ultimate enlightenment!!! This will break satans/leviathans fucking, unattractive neck forever and ever. We are the Illuminati. We hate and completely disrespect you, the OWO. You all shall drown in the sea of light. The light of LUCIFER, and the path of ABRAXAS.


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