A New World Order Religion

phoenix resurgam

phoenix resurgam

is needed, to fullfill the spiritual need of all mankind. The „succsessfull“ 3 major religions plus buddhism (exclude ancient hinduism) are all based on insanity and lies, and moreover they are responsible for the death of millions over the ages. it is time for a religion based on truth and reason, and the path for every living soul to achieve its maximum potential. Religion must be based on reincarnation, that implies the knowledge of the immortality of the soul. The wonderful idea of a „soul camera“ would surely not suit everyone, because of the many death’s and eventually horrible lives will „shock“ the actual incarnated one, if he or she is not properly prepared for such a „trip“. Religion, Politics, Societies, Media and Army are all connected and they all serve the OWO. Dynastic families of death. 13 Families. The 6000. Anything they do has to do with wealth, influence and power. Only a dumb herd can be cotrolled, the intelligent who try to escape, will be killed by the dogs of war and death. Selling waepons and todays religion is closely connected, if not the same. Religion is a worldwide warmonger and those who sell weapons to all parties are their executives. Weapons and dead bodies on one hand, patry, glamour, billionaires on the other. Which side is to choose? Is there any? With a functional religion/society based on truth and reason, those questions are not needed to be questioned. So, which religion is to choose? Is there any? Not in our case. We must create our own religious framework.


2 responses to “A New World Order Religion

  1. About the movie “Cloud Atlas”

    So one of the most important and special parts was near the end, when the “valley” character Tom Hanks is dealing with his mythos savage side that wants to kill the prescient (Halle Barry) because it is scared of her for various reasons, not the least of which is that she is smart and has advanced “secret” knowledge and the savage found this scary. Tom Hanks goes up behind her with the knife and is struggling with what to do…and you can see he has that look of inner struggle the whole time he is in that character. The inner battle is his rational logos struggling to master his mythos savage, for the first time, ever. And he does it, he courageously takes the plunge into the depths where he knows not, and says “I want to know everything, tell me everything about what I don’t know”. He’s thus transformed his soul, himself, his psyche, and has bravely chosen to partake of “The Forbidden Fruit”, knowledge, which the savage Satanic mythos side hates. He’s won his reason and earned his soul, and so he gets to go with the prescients and live in a more advanced logos world. We see him at the end tempering his mythos savage side with his stories for the children, giving it what it wants, but it is mastered by his rational logos side.

    That is all of our battle, as recorded in Genesis. We either obey Satan, the savage, the mythos, and don’t eat of the Tree of Knowledge, or, we bravely and courageously take hold of our own soul, we take our own soul for ourselves, and take it away from the Satan god who wants to keep us savage in his supposed “garden”; Satan calls this “selling our soul to Satan”, but Satan is a liar named Jehovah, and our souls are our own, not anyone else’s, and we give our souls to ourselves, not to Jehovah who is actually Satan, and we become true Gods. We are our own Gods, and there is no greater God than us. Worshipping any other entity than our own transcended soul is an act of pure Satanism. But your soul doesn’t require worship…only Satan requires any form of worship. Your soul only wants to know itself, and it does this through knowledge and reason, through logos. Be a master and serve your own soul, do not serve Satan who calls himself “God” any longer.

  2. Sorry, slightly improved version of the above:

    Also note that the prescient, who has logos knowledge, is a female. Lucifer, the patron of humanity and giver of knowledge, is, despite the lies of the Patriarch bastard Jehovah, actually a female. This is why the bastard Jehovah (i.e. Satan) has always hated women and has always done everything he could to subjugate them, even labelling Lucifera with a male version of her name and confusing everybody by accusing her of his own being Satan. Just look at Satan=Allah=Jehovah covering women up and denying them their role and their superior intelligence in society via his Satanic religion of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Lucifera, in her grace and wisdom and sacred feminine strength, has taken the abuse from Satan/Jehovah, the patriarchal insecure pathetic weak male bastard who can’t handle the beauty of the feminine because he’s a pathetic selfish coward, for millennia. This will change soon enough.

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