The Curse Of King Solomon On The Jews

Is it possible, that King Solomon is responsible for the fate over the centuries of the so called “chosen people of god”? He was a lover of Wisdom (of the Illuminati) and legend has it, that he tried to KILL YHVH. KILL GOD. I personally like this very much. There are certain “ancient” texts, which discribe the curse of YHVH IF Solomon does this and that, IF not all of “the chosen people of god” will be cursed forever to total death and doom. Well, we know the decision of Solomon, he became Grandmaster Illuminatus. Solomon used the HEXAGRAM and after his reign the “star of david” did not reappear before the 7th century. The HEXAGRAM symolises 666=the beast=simon magus=ABRAXAS. So, are “the chosen people of god” the arch enemy of the ILLUMINATI? Just a thought.


7 responses to “The Curse Of King Solomon On The Jews

  1. He used black magick to kill the blackest of magicians… Surely reprecursions followed…

    As for the chosen people – what I’ve read from the AC site, the Illuminati consider Judaism as an idea and the powerful Jewish families as an enemy, not the common people. One of the things that attract me to Illuminism is that it is all about ideas, not about nationality, race or other allegiance.

    • hello “simon”

      yes. know your enemy. like in solomon’s case.
      i wouldn’t consider myself a racist.
      the common people thing is difficult.
      how fast can common people become the murderous mob.
      or the force for a revolution towards reason and freedom.
      it depends.


      • Yes, after all controlling the mob is jsut another form of magic – using mental powers to influence the environment (the people)

      • there is no magic(k)
        mental powers – who got them? i do not know someone who does.
        i believe in reason, logic and math.


  2. Of course there is no “magic”. However there are many things that cannot still be explained by science. Take for example so called occult practices – no reasonable, scientific explanation but they work.

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