The Harvest Time is Coming!

It’s time to separate the HyperHumans from the sheeple.

Where do you stand? Are you a believer or a knower? Are you a “Mythos” person (you believe in absurd ancient stories of wandering Jews and Arabs and ludicrous conspiracy theories about alien lizards) or a “Logos” person (you are a hyperrationalist)? Are you on your knees to “God” or are you making yourself God?

Knowledge is power and absolute power is absolute knowledge of the true workings of reality. Mathematics – living mathematics – is the answer to everything. Intuitively, everyone understands this to be the case. Illuminism is the proof.

A Wonderful World — No Christians, no Jews, no Muslims, no Karmists, no Scientific Materialists, no Conspiracy Theorists, no Anarcho-capitalist Libertarians, no irrational “rationalists” (the self-styled “skeptics”), no super rich. Replaced by HyperHumanity, HyperConsciousness, HyperReason, HyperReality, HyperMeritocracy and HyperMathematics (the true final theory of everything). It’s time for the New World Order, for the advent of the Coming Race. The Harvest Time is approaching.


7 responses to “ITSELF

  1. “The Harvest” is an interesting reference. In the woo-woo world, before 2012 passed, there was much speculation that that year would be the year of “The Great Harvest”. The concept of “The Great Harvest” seems to have originated in what is called “The Ra Material”, writing which is supposedly based on channeling with entities in the r = 0 domain. The concept was also discussed by “Hidden Hand”, a supposed ex-Illuminist (who supposedly went insane), in his supposed divulgence of secret knowledge. The Illuminati are aware of the claims from “Hidden Hand” in so much as they confirmed he/she was an ex-Illuminist and indicated that he had gone insane.

    The nature of the “Great Harvest” was never really clearly described, but the basic interpretation was that there would be some event which would cause the passing-on of a great majority of the human population of the Earth. “Harvest” indicates the maturing and reaping of food, so some speculation conjured that the concept implied that human souls were being sown and then reaped as food for (what humans would have to consider as) sinister entities. That was an idea which people found support in in the Matrix movie.

    The only alternative explanation for the concept of the “harvest” was that it is a benign event in which the collective of human souls and collective consciousness “ascend to fourth density”, which is all very woo-woo and new-agey and lacks clarity.

    When you refer to “The Harvest Time”, is it merely for literary convenience, or are you referencing something more concrete?

  2. “ascend to fourth density” – this is funny.

    A certain amount of PHOSTERS must be established, so humanity can change. Thats why PHOSTERS are being hunted and killed by the OWO. On the other hand, we “FUCK” the archons and their minions, the OWO.


  3. Get the idea?

    It is stupid and zany, but you can fully identify the materialist, atheist, irrational rationalist, ultra-skeptic, mind and soul denying personality that is the enemy of free humanity becoming God. How do you identify the zombie? Identify the previous list. What are you? Not a zombie, that means you have a soul, and a mind.

  4. Damn right!! That’s exactly the point. Joining the ZOMBIE religion is all about knowing the zombie and understanding the zombie, for your survival, which has the underlying assumption that you are a human, and have a soul, because zombies don’t have souls. The zombie religion is all about learning what the zombies are, and what soulless drives motivate them. This makes the person studying the zombie to have to identify with the soul, with the mind, with the living. You learn what makes a real human with a soul, and then you create a framework for understanding what a soulless zombie is. A soulless zombie is an Abrahamist, an anarcho capitalist, etc etc.

    As you know, you can’t sell anything intelligent to the masses. You can’t advertise a “religion for smart people” for example; I’ve tried that at my university and the materialist scientists wanted to murder me for it. My strategy from the beginning should have been to sell something which sounds stupid, which is at the level of the mythos. Well what is more popular in university graduate culture today than zombies!? Nothing…all they talk about is zombies. University grads are obsessed with zombies because subconsciously they know that the zombie mindset is exactly what they have. So, let them STUDY zombies in all their gory glory! What motivates a soulless mindless zombie? People WANT to identify with the soul-filled human, in comparison to the zombie.

    This is just something I’m working out with a friend in regards to creating new religions, as discussed in your books. This friend made the excellent observation that you can’t sell something if it sounds valuable or smart…it has to sound stupid to someone like me or you. If it sounds stupid and looks stupid, i.e. zany and “fun” etc., THEN after that it doesn’t actually matter what you teach them. As long as you hook the masses into something which appears to be stupid and valueless, then you could teach them quantum mechanics for all it matters as long as they don’t catch on that they’re being taught something smart.

    So, to teach people about Zombies, and what makes a zombie, they have to learn about what makes a human with a soul.

    Anyway, just something we’re starting to work out…see if it can be sold, etc. The new Vampire and Goddess religion ideas etc. discussed in the books, these were all directed to women. We’ll need to get men on to something as well. Men love zombies. Slip in the fundamentals of Illuminism and the soul, under the guise of learning about what makes a zombie (soulless non-human), and call it the zombie religion, just because it has the word “zombie” in it.

    • you are right and your idea is cool.
      maybe like great douglas adams tried in “hitchhiker’s guide through the galaxy”.

      very good.


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