The Noble Savage

Hi there my beloved hand-full of readers. Today its sonic sound time again, and i want to introduce an absolute masterpiece of “savage” music. Talking about composer Basil Pouledoris greatest work, the soundtrack from the first conan movie, “conan . the barbarian” – yep it has arnie in it, but it does not matter, he speaks not much. Story: barbarian slave BECOMES king of atlantis, so far the story – but back to the music. I am to nearly 100% sure, that every illuminated soul understands this beautiful composion of all feelings you can walk through. Regarded on the web as the best soundtrack of all times, i only can agree. Close your eyes, listen to it loud and imagine yourself as a noble savage. Different versions are available:


The original soundtrack, played very well by american classic musicians. But this version is not the version the composer favourised. He did not like the american version very much, so he decided to replay the complete conan score live in prague in 2010 with original instrumentation of the music, which was not done in the american version. Here it is:


For me this music is some of the best i heard in my life and its by my side for a long time. I like both versions, make your own decicion, and ride with me, wild, noble savages !!!



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