Fight Child Abuse With Deceased DIO

Again it is time to talk about child abuse again. One of the “hobbies” of the shit old world order. Make yourself clear, that these assholes rape and torture for their own “fun”. Well, let’s have our own fun with child molesters, no law or police needed, they are also part of the owo, and pervert sickos by themselves. Make yourself clear that it is part of the RELIGION OF ABRAHAMIC faith. Jews, Muslims, Christians and all other slaves practice child abuse. I say kill them all without mercy. Bring torture and death over them, be a monster of revenge and destruction. Let them be fucked by stallions until their raped asses flow from blood and they die in their own puke, blood and shit. Of course the allmighty Metal scene came up with the issue more than once. Here is metal grandmaster DIO with “give her the gun”. A statement i only can sign.

Ancient Order Of The Pythagorean ILLUMINATI


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