The Religion Of Sex And Suicide


What is needed to create an “new” religion?
If you want to bind people to your ideas, you have to feed them with something they can chew on. My idea of a new religion is as follows:

In all of the shitty abrahamistic, satanic, slave-state religions, like of the jews, of the christians, of the muslims, of the buddhists and the small rest of religious crap and bullshit, two things are all the same, and the most damnable:

Sex and Suicide.
(ah yeah, of course women are damnable too…)

So it is clear, that this two options must be of greatest interest, because the major religions, all part of the old world order “regime”,  hates it so much.

Sex enlightens the mind and relaxes the body – if done right, kinda “sex.magic(k)”. It is one pathway to the “higher self”, the soul, the monad, “0”.

Suicide: a person with a very clear mind, and hatred against “god”, yhvh, satan. The itself killer positioning himself over god, you have no control over me, you can fuck off is his or her attitude. Of course there are countless, meaningless suicides in this world, done by simple people, who simply “cannot stand it anymore”. But they are not the object we are rehearsing right now. Members of the Illuminati do suicide, when “their time has come”, or being killed by the enemy, the old world order. Suicide is NATURAL and the final thing our universe and ourselves will expierence. The so called “divine suicide”, the true armageddon, when every soul has become god, ABRAXAS, all are one then, and the final decision will be suicide to create the next, better, more evolved infinte universe.

It is absolutely logic, if you want to create a “counter-religion”, that you use the parts, other religions condemn. So, let us use for our cool new religion, sex and suicide.
Our “holy ones” are some deceased pornstars and women who had made an impact against the old god(s) and on the world.

Our “holy sacraments” are sperm and women’s fluids.

Our “holidays” are all days/nights, when we copulate and Summer/Winter Solstice, because
it is of cosmic origin, and are not made up by “men”.

Our god is Lucifer, the eternal female power, the power of the “many”. The great busty “bitch” all males are horny for, “whore” of the apocalypse. VAGINA

Our enemy is satan, eternal male power, the power of the “one”. A complete idiot in the classical greek sense, and the god of the old major religions. PENIS

In short:
have sex as often as you can.

A good thing would be to copulate on certain locations of the old religions and the old world order. During Orgasm blaspheme the old, and honor the eternal powers of life and death. The quintessence of the so called “sex-magic(k)” is simple: hold back your orgasm as long as possible.
To make the decision of intended suicide, the knowledge of the immortality of the soul must be your reality. If not, you are an abrahamist. “Gnostic” teachings, meditiation and of course the use of psychoactive drugs, the knowledge of the independence of mind and body, are the cornerstone of our great new religion. Suicide is self expression, you decide your day/night of death. Not the abrahamistic god satan, yhvh to some, decides for you. I read that the religion of the Illuminati is a suicide religion. Well, it is not. Illuminism is the religion of the enlightened ones. Of course every Illuminatus is not interested when getting old, rotting in a hospital or rest home, nor take/be part in an abrahamistc burial, the corpse and deathcult, the “major” religions promote.

So far my idea, and why not?

Millions would surely like to join…

One thing is clear:

this is a joke, a better one like other religions, but:

ILLUMINISM is the only way to ultimate knowledge and freedom. Ontological mathematics, living numbers, YOU.




2 responses to “The Religion Of Sex And Suicide

  1. in 1913 Aleister Crowley wrote the “Gnostic Mass of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica” in which the name of Abraxas is invoked as part of this ritual. One of the interesting aspects of this OTO ritual is that it must be performed by both a High priest and Highpriestess of whom the latter is required to officiate while skyclad.

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