Damn Bastards

Yes, these very old bastards, the root of every metalband in this world, dinosaurs of overdrive, really managed to creata a new fantastic album, “13”. What a great idea. 13 is the “unluck” number. The 13 families of the jesus fucking christ bloodline. And they set it on fire. YEAH! And these old motherfuckers still have something to say. Here is a little teaser for you all. Enjoy.

I wish somebody
Would empty my head
I am so sorry
For the things that I’ve said
This hopeless feeling
That’s living inside
I’m just a lonely soul who’s trying to find
Some peace of mind

I ain’t no hero
Who’s gonna save you
I just say “hi”
As I’m passing right through
I ain’t that crazy
I’m only here for the ride
So please forgive me while I’m trying to find
Some peace of mind

Read in between the lines
Truth that is neither black nor white
Black nor white
Just give me something real
Broken man still searching for the light
In the night

Caught In the middle as the front line falls
It looks like I don’t stand a chance
If only I could turn my life around
Or is this just the circumstance


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