What Is This?


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13 responses to “What Is This?

  1. It looks like it’s a design for a technological machine that can make a human achieve Gnosis…or it is the design for a machine, based on the human design for attaining Gnosis, which can technologically “mimic” a human who has achieved Gnosis. Given the organic chemical formula displayed, and the fact that chemicals have little effect of transistors rather than possibly destroying them, but have a significant effect on neurons (also displayed), then I would side with the former. A machine can’t achieve or mimic Gnosis…although technical diagrams can still be applied to the human condition.

    I won’t bother describing all the technical engineering schematics the piece displays (with a list of the people who historically contributed to the knowledge required to create the device), but my conclusion would be that this is a design for turning a human into God.

  2. It might help if I translated all the text displayed on it to English…maybe it says exactly what it is. I see the words “cogitans”, “kontemplans”, “kybernetic”, and “menschen” which have obvious meanings…but I don’t know what the full phrases are actually saying.

  3. Perhaps all the C’s, H’s, and O’s could be counted up to figure out what the chemical is…unless someone knows just by looking. Perhaps it is some “psychedelic”.

    The object may additionally be a key for an actual machine, to turn it on, given the empty rectangular spaces within the object and around its periphery. You insert the key, turn the machine on, and voila, Gnosis.

  4. The text from the top left of the object, put into Google Translate, says:

    “cybernetic is the spirit of the technology, is the self-objectification of the human”

    which is loosely what I have said above, although a proper translation would likely make more sense. That is, the object has to do with developing to human soul or spirit.

  5. In the upper right there is that grid of dots. This looks like a transistor array, i.e., a CPU/computer chip. However, there are lines extending from each row, and this reminds me more of a CMOS imaging chip, and so, perhaps some reference is being made to the Soul Camera…

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  7. Norbert Wiener, famous mathematician and philosopher noticed that the feedback principle is a feature of all life forms from the simplest plants to the most complex animals, which change their actions in response to their environment. Wiener developed this concept into the field of cybernetics, concerning the combination of man and electronics, which he first published in 1948 in the book Cybernetics.

    imo this picture illustrates this principle that we are going to create an artificial AI god, but as golems are just following the program,so basically god just creates itself. The question which was first the golem or the egg, i mean god?

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