The Plaque, the plate, whatever…

My last post became more interesting, than I 1st thought.

No, I do not know what the plate is.

I found it while “surfing” on the evil net, maybe just like some of you.

Heraklit and Leibniz where both Grandmasters of the Illuminati.

It is highly mathematic and scientific.

I am a musician, I understand science and mathematics, but in a very different way, of what you might expect from an academic person.

It is an very interesting piece of art.

It is female to me, it has no “dicks” in it.

I do not think that it is some kind of “gnosis-machine”, but maybe a nice picture for meditation. Simply let your Soul decide, what you can make of, and to do with this nicely craftet plate.

So far my opinion on the object.




4 responses to “The Plaque, the plate, whatever…

  1. Yes the inverted triangle features prominently near the center of the object, and such a triangle represents the female nature.

    There are lots of things to decode though…like what the chemical formula is, what the math expressions are, what the electric circuits refer to, what the occult references are, etc. It would require a polymathic mind to solve it all by ones’ self.

    Very interesting piece 🙂

    hex: 29A

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