The God Series By Mike Hockney, Senior Member Of The Illuminati Ruling Council

Read those books.



4 responses to “The God Series By Mike Hockney, Senior Member Of The Illuminati Ruling Council

  1. Truly, I have been intrigued for a while by this website and especially the AC website, yet i have refrained from posting. I’ve never read something that fulfills so many of the answers I ponder regularly. Everyday I read the materials, and everyday I have more questions.. I love the knowledge, I try to share it but few people understand or care. The implications of it all sadden me, our entire society brainwashed and none of them even care or wonder about it. How is it so many people are so ignorant of what is right in front of them? What is the meaning of free education if it is wasted away on low class jobs and a materialistic culture? Everyday i see other people and it saddens me how misconstrued their idea of life, liberty, and success is. Illumination is not just the right way, it is the ONLY way.The question is will this be the generation that overcomes? Is The Movement the right way?

    • hello jake

      thx for your comment.

      the movement, and the the movement2.
      i hope the movement2 will do better than v1.
      i am sceptic.

      i understand every word you say, and i see the horror too.
      we know how the world is run, and so we must rise upon it, from it, to the greater and better.

      not by the average today kid. they are slaves to technology they do not understand, except the young hackers.
      we, the fucking old, but still young in mind and soul are the pathfinders.

      i feel lost like you, and see, now we are 2.


      • Hi A.W.E

        Thank you for responding, I am very sick so I apologize if my response is hard to understand

        I agree that the average kid today is controlled by the technology of today, but this makes me wonder if it shall ever change? Will it not be that every next generation will become more and more consumed with their technology and materialistic endeavors? A worrisome thought indeed..

        I have not had a chance but is there any major changes between movement 1 and movement 2?

        It is good to see there are others who feel lost and in the same sense

        Also I am 17, but I agree with you.


      • hi jake.
        I feel very sorry for you being so sick in your young years. You are 17 and found the Illuminati. The real ones. Maybe this will help you, and you should know that minds commands matter. I hope your thoughts and whishes are stronger than the forces of death. Ask me, if i can help you in any way.


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