The Illuminati – yep, that’s us.

Yep, that’s us. The Ancient Order Of The Pythagorean Illuminati. All you ever searched for, and will be searching for in future times. We are the “counter 6000” – standing against the old world order 6000’s (The funny thing about the owo is, that 99% are male (hahaha…) and they are beyond their 60’s – a bunch of old, unattractive, pervert, low farts. Can’t wait to hunt them down).  The ONE AND ONLY website on the whole www, which is not 100% bullshit, lies and disinformation. All you ever wanted to know as a searcher of true knowledge. Here it is, white on black, like the silver shining stars in the nightsky above you. I am tiered of idiotical comments, stupid people, simply everything the old crap system has to offer. I want the shit to be stopped. I am mad as hell. We want the NEW WORLD ORDER. We are the only truth you will ever find. We are truth. We are the ILLUMINATI. Remember that.



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