Hyper Humanity vs. Satanic Ritual Child Abuse

“Bright and luminous as your are…

you went to the world of darkness, and engaged in combat with it;

blinded you with darkness, and blinded you, and made you lose sight of all

that you had seen, and forget all that you had known; and in the end,
you were captured and held prisoner.”
Last night I had to watch certain videos regarding statanic ritual child abuse. Once again, it was clear to me, that everything regarding this subject is closey connected to the old world order, the brotherhood of shadows and of course abrahamism in general. All “real” believers are child molesters and murderers, just like fucking asshole abraham, the cave boy, their great idol. He heard the voice from “god” in his head, commanding him to kill and sacrifice his own son to him. Abraham accepted the command. Fortunately Lucifer came around, and tried to stop the brainless caveman from sacrificing his own son to satan, 3 times. The most innocent, must die most brutal, is the motto of the “elite”. A bunch of psychopaths which should be killed without remorse. The videos I saw showed drawings by the (multiple) children, made from the horrible events they had to be part of. Watching all this crap, I realised something, which is obviously overlooked by others:
The children will be broken at all cost. Every horror you can imagine, this is what the drawings show. But at a closer look, there is more to see. The iconography in the rituals. it is pure “klischee”. What I am trying to say, is that the broken mind of the child transports “WRONG INFORMATION” to lead researchers and police on the completely false track. The drawings show pictures of hooded men and women in black, downturned crosses, 666, and TEMPLAR SYMBOLISM like the Baphomet of Levi, and templar crosses. This is truly remarkable. As I said and we all know, child abuse is a religious, abrahamistic thing. Who is their king? The (black) pope of the vatican. Who is the vatican? The arch enemy of the knights templar, every heretic and us, the ILLUMINATI, because skull and crossbones, like the pirates flag is also shown. The old world order lies, traps and kills you, if they think (what a joke.) you deserve it. They are sick psychopaths without any mercy. Remember that,  if you have to fight against them, show no mercy against the enemy, or you will lose. The true hints in such cases is the family, a family member, or the church nearby. I hope we, the ILLUMINATI can help you with this little information, to investigate further on your own.

5 responses to “Hyper Humanity vs. Satanic Ritual Child Abuse

  1. This post is the best clue I’ve ever had to unraveling the mysterious horror from when I was 2 and 3 years old. Can’t quite remember enough lucid memories but the trauma is deeply embedded to the point that I can never let go even if I wanted to. No tangible details except that it most likely involved guys from my parents’ fellowship.

    The darkness of the past is the present day hell we are all trapped in

  2. 1st congratulations for your braveness to speak (write) about the horror you have expierenced as a baby.

    2nd if your parents are alive and/or “the people around them”, bring the horror upon them without remorse or mercy. Both are lies. I let you decide what kind of horror you will unleash upon them.

    best regards


    • I’m done being afraid and being a victim. I’m ready to hear the tormentors finally scream in the perpetual agony they would love to inflict on everything but themselves without the slightest hesitation. Wails of tortured innocence fill the Music of the Spheres with bitterness and vengeance.

  3. Ironically enough, both of my parents over the years have “drifted” away from “god” and now support me and my potentially infinite spiritual endeavours. The fellowship they used to be a part of is a family laughingstock and a rightful portrait of ruin, corruption and hypocrisy. I will add that neither of them are brave enough to admit their abysmal failure as parents to even acknowledge what happened, let alone to protect their innocent child from that kind of horror.

    Now if only I could break the Messianic Jewish / Christian Identity spell that’s swallowed my brother whole. I’ve already accepted that his freedom may not happen in his lifetime nor do I care. He has grown up to embody the domineering alpha-male douchebaggery that I have spent my whole life cursing so if he has to suffer for his god in this lifetime then so be it. Blood is thicker than water but some bonds go infinitely deeper than material heritage…

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