What If… ?

What if the the Illuminati and the old Nazis where once one and the same?#

Illuminati colours are black and silver.

I ask you.




8 responses to “What If… ?

      • I suppose so.
        Similar to how there are extremists of every religion, I could see the original Nazi party being somewhat as a testing ground for the Illuminati but tainted perhaps accidentally by nationalism and extremism. I looked at a 25 point manifesto
        Points 6 (a step towards meritocracy, however small), 9, 10, 19, 20, and even 24 somewhat resemble ideals the Illuminati pursue.
        I don’t believe them to be related, but I suppose it being similar to freemasonry and how it was corrupted is not impossible

      • The Illuminati had contact with germanic orders, the thule society. The Illuminati saw the evil in hitler, the thule too, but they wanted the “vessel”. No, the Illuminati are not Nazis so far.


  1. It’s very plausible to me that the original Thule Gesselschaft, rooted in Masonry, Norse Odin and other Occult and Ancient Pagan ideologies, may not have been the same villains of the Third Reich. Like the Freemasons, they were probably infiltrated by racist, antisemitic genocidal Protestant tools under puppetry of the Old World Order. World War II needed to be sparked somehow, with the Old World Order emerging the triumphant victors and being seen as “god-like” heroes to the rest of the war-ravaged world. Next issue on their agenda was dealing with the rise and spread of Communism in the East, cue the Korean War and the Cold War…

  2. The Enlightenment & the National Socialist Party:

    For more than half a century, Hitler and his views have been ceaselessly demonized in motion pictures, on television and in the print media. Yet if we look Adolf Hitler’s views; we’ll see that they’re rational, self-consistent, & progressive.

    Hitler believed that social and national considerations should be at the core of society. The economic and political system must serve the nation, not the other way around.

    Hitler believed that all growth could be traced to individual effort — but only at the service of the common good. socially useful creativity was “the product of individual geniuses of high personality value,”
    Hitler supported equal social opportunity for everyone, and opposed legal and social barriers to individual economic achievement and success. Governmental and social policies, should encourage merit-based social mobility.
    I.e a system where merit & creativity advance the society.

    Although he is endlessly castigated as “the most notorious racist of the twentieth century,” Hitler’s racial views were actually quite in harmony with mainstream 19th- and early 20th-century Enlightenment thinking.
    Contrary to popular belief, Hitler never supported notions of breeding a homogenous blond “hyper-Aryan” race.
    He accepted the reality that the German population consisted of several distinct sub-racial groups, he stressed the German people’s national and social unity.

    A certain degree of racial variety was desirable, but too much racial blending or homogeneity could be harmful because it would eliminate superior as well as inferior genetic traits.
    Balance of race is necessary to create perfect genetics, thus breed a stronger Human race – A HyperHumanity.

    Hitler believed that “both conservative decency and radical eroticism” harmed society, There has to be balance of sexual freedom, where nudism and premarital sex are allowed for the purpose of pleasure & breeding a new generation of HyperHumanity.
    He opposed birth control because it tended to lower the genetic quality of the society that practices it.

    National-Socialists express the view that a person should be proud of their own culture and heritage, as long as they’re beliefs aren’t harmful to others. The ideal is a working toward mutual understanding and respect.

    Zionist Jews:
    National Socialists support Enlightenment values which include anti-Semitism (no Enlightenment Thinker was more outspokenly anti-Jewish than Voltaire, the great French philosopher, who regarded the Jews as “enemies of mankind.”)
    While they pretended to be merely a religious community, in fact they constituted a self-selected national-ethnic group with international ambitions.
    Because he regarded the Jews as the enemies of all peoples, Hitler held that combating Jewish power and influence should be the common duty of all nations.

    On 25th August 1933. The Haarvara agreement was finalized after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany. It was a major factor in making possible the immigration of approximately 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in the years 1933–1939.

    * * * * * *

    Non-Zionist Jews:
    Contrary to popular belief National Socialists had German Jews and multi-ethnic groups among their ranks.
    In October 8th, 1939; civilian Jews were transferred to large National Socialist ghettos in which Jews were confined existed across the continent. People were then moved from ghettos and brought to Concentration Camps where living conditions were much better for Non-Zionist Jews.
    There were hospitals, theaters, Libraries, a swimming pool, large kitchen & dining hall, even a brothel. There were also shower rooms and chambers used for sanitizing people and their clothes of Typhus – a deadly bacteria spread by louse & mites. Typhus causes sudden onset of fever, chills, headache, and other flu-like symptoms within 1-3 days.

    • Thx for you long post here, Mr.Kier. Ascended Order Of Illuminated Knights? Sounds cool somehow. Yes, there is of course misinformation regarding the 3rd reich, the winners of war write history as you surely know, but nonetheless the horrors of the 3rd reich are also real. Only when the root of all evil is destroyed, we can win. Hitler was a vessel in occult means. it is possible that he was possessed by YHVH or fucking yehoshua ben joseph, the jew. christ vomit. The owo in perfection.


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