Suicide Solution – Let Us Die Together

Yes. Fuck this world and its brainless inhabitants. Including you and me, who are not able to free all mankind, because of limited resources in every direction. So disillusioned i came up with an idea: a worldwide suicide of all mankind. Of all? No SOME should be left, to bring this earth disaster finally to a victorious end.

As a true researcher of the Illuminati, you are aware of the number 6000. That is the amount of Illuminati worldwide official members. We represent the NEW WORLD ORDER. On the other side stand the bastards of the old world order: military, army, companies, religion, money – all that crap. You are also aware of the numbers 144 and 36, don’t you? This is the secret of the 144.000 chosen ones. In reality these numbres represent the amount of phosters (“angels”) and archons (“demons”) on planets which support intelligent life. On earth there are 36 phosters and 144 archons, which is bad, but it explains our horrible lifes easily. Phosters/archons are beings who reached gnosis. They are fully aware what and who “being” is, they masters of matter. They are not bound to the wheel of reincarnation, reincarnation under under their own will. But they are not “god” ABRAXAS yet, to be honest, far away from that.

Unfortunately reaching gnosis does not automatically mean that your are ‘”good”. Good and evil are “parts of the game”, necesarry for the cosmic and mental dialectic evolution process. Every being has the ability to become phoster or archon and finally “god”. You might have heard of at least one certain archon: jesus christ. well, yoshua ben joseph is his real name. i say clearly IS, not was. Why? You surely heard the term “jumping jesus”. This refers to his ability to change bodies. So unfortunately another term “jesus lives” gives a horrible taste. Was he hitler? Is he still around? Who is he now?

But back to our suicide plan. If just the 6000 illuminati (plus allies, plus the knights templar of the 21st century) versus the mob of the old world order, we finally could bring this endless wars, this prison planet, to its final end. So a new dawn of an enlightened mankind can finally begin. If you still think that the Illuminati are shapeshifting aliens from orion, if you think that people like the bush family want something “new”, the new world order, in this case you better join the suicide commando, because you were blinded, lied to, misinformed. But such a mental state is useless and dangerous, get rid of it.




2 responses to “Suicide Solution – Let Us Die Together

  1. Hello m666. Wow this article is 3 years old and yet nobody commented on it at least not till now.
    In regards to the “Suicide Plan” I’d have to agree with it considering all the crap that’s been going on throughout Human history.
    However there are good people as you said if the allies of the Illuminati survived then there’s nothing to worry about.
    It’ll be an actual reboot of humanity and we would finally enter an age of Reason once the disaster is over with.

    I guess now the man question is how would one create such a cataclysmic event as seen in apocalyptic movies?

    A plague?; Military Genocide?; Explosions?; or perhaps an organized extermination of people?

    Not to mention all the resources you’d need to pull this off.

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