A million to one

Today i want to bring back one of the greatest heros of all times in mankinds entire history to your attention again:


At sunset, DeMolay and Guy were taken to the stake. The accounts of what happened next are confusing, but every detail seems to confirm that DeMolay was firm and brave in his final hour. When the soldiers came to tie his hands, he said in a strong, loud, and clear voice: “Gentlemen, let me join my hands a little and make my prayer to God. It is truly time for it, for I am going to die immediately. God knows that I have not deserved my torture. Misfortune will soon come to those who have condemned us. God will avenge our death upon our enemies. I die with that conviction. For you, gentlemen, turn, I pray you, my face toward the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ.”

The torture of the 23rd Grandmaster of the Knights Templar is nearly without question, the most brutal pain a human being ever had to suffer. Burning at the stake for 14 hours, with wearing a crown of thorns, being nailed down, and slowly roasted on coal. Can you even imagine the perversion of shitking phillip and his fellow christian bastard minions? Of course you can not, because you are not a servant of god, or as we Illuminati call him: satan. After 7 years in jail, being tortured there too, the noe 72 year old shows the power of an immortal towards the cowards of satan, the christians or better to say all believers. Every being believing in the abrahamaic god shall, will and must die, for the good. What a hero. No one was ever greater than him. No one. No heralded king or hero of all mankind comes even close to this man. A god walking satans ground, the blue pearl of pain, earth. Make Friday the 13th one of your holiest dates in the year, to remeber the betrayal, fall and rise of the Knights Templar fleets, now as pirates, flagging proud the Jolly Roger.

As a true and reincarnated member of the pythagorean Illuminati i command the christian world for sacrifice. You shall be the new “chosen people of god”. I want 1 million christian in leading positions the re-suffer the torture of Jaques de molay from this day on within a year. So it shall be.

A million to one.



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