Call For the Atlanteans

Lets create and add some hitory to the chronicles of man. At-lant(is) was the country and heritage of the cain bloodline. The Atlanteans did not destroy themselves as wrong history proclaims, but rather was destroyed by the demiurge, the godfather of abrahamic religious crap. Satan is his name, the greatest artist of all, the creator of beauty and pain, and a psychopath supreme, the god of monsters. The few surviving Atlanteans spread over the coast of the nearby coutries, surrounding Atlant. They met the “bastard races” – which means followers of the abrahamaic god Satan. Blind believers, dead souls, murderers of mankind. Now it does not matter anymore in which country you are living now on this prison planet (but also the “god factory”) atlantean blood has or was spread everywhere. If you feel alien towards your country, their believes, their doings, their daily routine, then you can be sure up to 66% that rebellious blood speeds your veins. If you heard the call, the call for the Atlanteans, introduce yourself here.



12 responses to “Call For the Atlanteans

  1. Hail! I am an Atlantean who is seeking to bring the final enlightenment to this degraded planet. The first order of work is to spread mathematical knowledge far and wide. For those who have struggled with the calculus I suggest “Elementary Calculus: An Infinitesimal Approach” by H. Jerome Keisler. This book shows calculus in the correct Leibnizian form.

    Harvest time is fast approaching and we need all those who oppose the OWO to be best prepared! To Omega we go!

  2. Games, just games. The play of gods, the torment of flesh.

    I quit this game, but always I return. The drug of forgetfulness, the thrill of emotion, the game of Mind.

    It’s evolution, and there is nothing else to do.

    Untangled, I’m bound. Free, unchanged, I remain in this prison; in the dark, I am it–the chains and darkness, and there is no light to behold.

  3. The God of Abraham is not Satan friend… The deluge was not an assult on humanity, but a move which preserved if from being totally destroyed by the true Satan. Lucifer, and his fallen accomplices.

    • hi.
      thx for your comment.
      you are a christian, a believer i suppose.
      then we have nothing in common.
      To cleanse the clouds hanging over your spiritual search, look on my site for posts with 666 and new world order.
      here you will find needed answers.
      hope you can play the drums soon – from musician to musician.
      so, just a little we have in common.

      • Thank you for the kind words. And now that I think about it, I’d say we actually have quite a bit in common. We both want to be free from oppression, from lies, from bondage….

        The only real question is, which entity is the real oppressor, the real liar, and which one is the real redeemer…

      • well, to the Illuminati the issue is obvious:
        satan (matter, thesis) versus Lucifer (light, spirit, antthesis) and the true “god” of the universe overseeing “good & evil” the synthesis.
        Or, to make everthing easier: there are those who think god is outside of them, on the other hand those who know that “god” lives inseide them and everyone can become god. to becoming god is the normal way of every being in the material universe, not to look and/or run after something or someone, who claims to be god to the stupid folk which listen to them.

        The “Number of the beast” 666 = Simon Magus = ABRAXAS


      • The truth about which “god” reigns supreme is a question of power, is it now?

        Try and find an “archon”, any entity, spirit or beast, whether luminous or shadowy, who does not have to bow their knee to the name of Jesus. “Abraxas” too is subject to Him, and will one day be thrown into the Pit….

        God, the true God, loves you. “Abraxas” does not. He is a liar friend…

      • We have a great deal in common, I would say, but in the end, I am not your enemy. You are precious to God, you are my fellow man, and I in no way would speak a negative word towards you. It is merely the demons which seek to offer you temporary power in order to pull you away from Jesus that I have nothing but disdain for. They are beyond redemption, while you and I are not…. 🙂

      • There are those who believe “god” is outside of them.
        There are those who know ABRAXAS (god) lives inside of them.
        Between those 2 is an unpassable chasm.

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