Every Nuns Dream = To Get Fucked By Jesus (Yehoshua Ben Joseph, The Jew)

The jesus dildo.

I wanted to post this for a while now, and here it is.

Every nun has a crucifix with half naked nazarene on display. Nuns have normally no sex. No sex? They are women by the way. So I imagine them in the night when their pussies get wet, and they are horny as HELL, like the DEVIL. They want to have it in every hole, but they aware that they are conducting SIN. Whatever. I am to 100% sure that they grab the crucifix an having sex with jesus right on their own. The crucifix is a perfect dildo for them. I like that, hahahahaha…

In this spirit i want to bring back a cool movie, which was legendary outrageous in its time, and it is sure to this day. Pure BLASPHEMY. A good one. It is called “The Devils” from 1971 – don’t miss it!




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