The Moon Question

Things that didn’t land men on the moon:

1) Praying to Jehovah, Jesus or Allah

2) Meditating cross-legged under a tree

3) Chanting “om”

4) Bathing in a sacred river

5) Waging Holy War

6) Being a suicide bomber

7) Burning witches

8) Subjecting heretics to the Inquisition

9) Beheading infidels

10) Honouring the Sabbath Day

11) Growing a beard

12) Wearing funny hats, and dangly strings on your trousers

13) Eating halal/ kosher food

14) Not doing haram things

15) Wearing a turban

16) Wearing a burqa

17) Dressing modestly

18) Praying to idols

19) Refraining from bacon sandwiches

20) Praying five times a day

21) Giving to charity

22) Going on pilgrimage to Mecca

23) Declaring there is no god except God, and Muhammad is God’s Messenger

24) Fasting during Ramadan

25) Knowing any of the world’s holy texts inside out

26) Loving “God”

Things that DID land men on the moon:

1) Mathematics

2) Science

3) Technology

4) Engineering

5) Computing

6) The positive liberty vision of JFK: the intent to carry out a great, transformative project on behalf of the People

7) The State-founded, State-funded, State Agency NASA

Faith has never done a single thing for humanity. Knowledge has done everything. It’s extraordinary that people imagine that you can become “enlightened” by knowing nothing at all about mathematics, science, technology, engineering and computing. How dumb would you have to be to imagine that being stupid takes you closer to divinity?

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