2015 – 2016 Prepare for WAR !?

The above picture shows your future.

Didn’t mankind has not suffered enough, is it not the time to end all wars and lay down our differences and see us as what we are: agents of our souls “doing the job” being incarnated – as you know the soul can only learn through (re-) incarnation, into the flesh, and whatever flesh there may come. The old, uninteresting, dying, being lost, demons of this world, all religious fanatics and their hopeless dreams – they know they dream hopeless, therefore they use violence and murder as ever, to get their religious shit done. Fuck off and die is what i say to every asshole. The above picture shows the dream of every minion of the psychopathic old world order shit: Millions dead. What a great glory and cleansing of the whole, the morons of the owo say and want, so i want this to be YOU.

Every religious, every politic, every business, every army and every all bad and negative crap shall be vanishing forever. I hear the owo laugh out loud, because of my dream, but as we know: Dreams are the answer to everything.

Welcome to 2015.

Adam W.Eishaupt – Ancient order of the Illuminati


2 responses to “2015 – 2016 Prepare for WAR !?

  1. Happy New Year. I hope your Saturnalia went well and cheers to your journey to Gnosis. Also, long time no see. I’ve been searching through the webs searching for another attempt to challenge Illuminism (Or just show something simply be laughed at). And lo and behold; Keith Thompson (Age of Aquinas) has recently released another documentary titled “Atheists Don’t Exist”. Do you want to know why Atheists don’t exist? It’s simple; because everyone knows the Christian God exists! Why???? Because The Christian God is the True Foundation for intelligibility, the Laws of Logic and Morality! This is an actual apologetic used by Theologians; not as big as William Lane Craig, but something to look at. I just want to get your two cents on the “Documentary”.

    I’ll also give you a debate with the guy Keith keeps talking about in the Documentary, Greg Bahnsen. It’s fascinating, to say the least.

    • hello “LOS”
      saturnalia went well, hope yours was good as mine.
      yes, long time, but you are still alive which is respectable in these days.
      be welcome again, and i will watch your links soon.



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