Declaration of Viking War – Set the world on fire again


Declaration of WAR

The ancient viking blood has a deep connection to the Illuminati.

The world has finally reached the stage of no return. I call for BATTLE, i call for those who are of the true blood and spirit. I call forth the ancient norse gods of war, be at our side for a final time. Let Thor, Lucifer and ABRAXAS let shine their power of light over us!

It is time that GNOSIS reaches the world.

We cried. We hungered. We suffered. We being tortured and killed. Our heritage and knowledge destroyed.

(So they thought)

It is time again to raid every land and country. Burn every religious installation down to the ground, take every riches from every monastery or palace. No prisoners except those who showed themselves worthy to be “enslaved” for the good.

Let satan have his one and last day(s) of bloodbaths commited by steel. Metal is made by the devil.

This is the war of all wars – to end all wars forever.

I call for every good man and women, who are true in heart and spirit. Freedom for every human being is the highest goal. Spread the french revolution all over this fucking shithole planet we call mother earth.

It is time to bring the enemy down. Our lives are not that important compared to the challenge which is upon us, and ever was.

There will be no freedom, no meritocracy, no future for mankind (not meaning that the human body is to prefer in any way), no gnosis, no evolution when the old forces of evil win.

We won’t let them do that!

This world is done. There is no back or forth. Only the “free” can bring the dialectic back to work.

The old world order wants us to stay forever. Blinded. Dumb. Stupid.A Toy.Shit.Nothing.

We don’t want any of this.

We are the


and we declare(d) war against “the evil 1”

What is old must die.

Adam W.Eishaupt, Ancient Order Of The Illuminati


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