Anonymous Hacks LIVE *fart*

Eh, yeah…

Anonymous. Born on a japanese message board, it has become one of the web’s most crappy things today. LULZ. Their problem is and was, that every moron can put on this stupid mask from that movie, and post something regarding anonymous. Well, part of the unenlightened pack tried to hack our own website “” without any effort. They spammed our message board with pornographic pix – very cool…!

But today anger is not my thing, i have a word for “anonymous”:

You have a talent. ok. You are good with computers. ok. This does not make you a special or good person. My intend is simple – stop being uninterested in history, science, occultism and mathematics and doing the shit just for hacker fame, lulz, pussy, money and drugs. If you live this way, you can be sure, that the, as we the Illluminati call it: the old world order, has you by the balls. You deliver your talent or you will die the one or other way. Fight for the good. Tear down the walls of lies and ignorance, and stop doing shit just for lulz. This is my personal message to “anonymous”, if some of the maybe once true and good is still out there.

This is my own view, and the post is not officially on the behalf of the ancient order of the Illuminati.

Here is some funny video.

“A” hacks “live” THE (Drum/Snare -Roll)

Westboro Baptist Church Website



What a fuck. Who gives a shit about some baptists website? Man, i have to wipe out the tears in my eyes from loud laughter, the answer is = satan and some “anonymous dude” (are women allowed, or is this a (gay) men’s club? – i personally have no problem with homosexuality, i do not give a damn, where your cock or your pussy being slammed – as long it has nothing to do with paedophilia). The total insane old witch of the baptist church babbles possessed things like “judgenent day” and other insane phrases of the psychopathic abrahamic religoius bullshit. Unfortunately the guy from “A” is also not the most intelligent being on planet earth, and his responses are equally stupid and uninformed, regarding every form of religious thought. Of course the host of the show is another boring example.

And yes, i also heard is is fake.


What is not a fake?

Your life surely is one, until you find and reach the Illuminati.





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