A true leader



So. What or better who is a true leader? Well, you never knew one yet. All leaders from big to small build their “leadership” upon violence, fear and betrayal. The eternal jew, as the germans say, so to say. Every “leader” who builds his reign upon the just mentioned points is a fucking cunt, without want to be bad to the female powers at all. They simply have no power. They are complete morons. Every member of the OWO is a complete dumbass and useless fucking moron. I am ashamed that these old bastatds and cunts are allowed to breathe the same air as me and you. fuck that. their reign has to be taken to the eternal dark and cold graves of forgetfullness. A true leader is a person who is announced as a leader by people or group or comittee, who have the same intelligence and skills, but he or her is “perfect” in the ways the universal dialectic has to be done. for the good of all mankind. even the cocksuckers of the OWO trying to hold back any spiritual evolvement. but, hey, they were too stupid to do that. why? because if so, you were not able to read this post, because it was never written under those circumstances. the old are lost. they die. they try. they fail. it has to be. we, the illuminati, COMMAND IT !



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