Thule versus Hyperborea

The following picture is claimed by certain sources as a photography of a thule society ritual.

On the other hand this picture is shown at our own homepage “”.

What is your humble opinion(s) on this subject?

We don’t need weaklings, cowards, dumbasses, conspiracy theorists, anarchists, libertarians, believers, liberals, the “love and light” gang, the New Age dopes, and especially not those who get on their knees to money.


Delete the Elite.

Delete the Elite.

Delete the Elite.

System Error.

Reboot sequence initiated.

It’s time to start again. It’s time for Hyperborea.

We are the Hyperboreans, we are the Faustians, we are the Prometheans. We take not only the fire of the gods, but the knowledge and secrets of the gods.

Who are we? We are the Illuminati.

Let there be Light!


14 responses to “Thule versus Hyperborea

  1. This photo has always fascinated me for some reason. I have only ever seen it on the AC website. It definitely looks like a ritual of some kind, but people on the internet have no way of knowing what was actually going on, therefore it’s almost useless to speculate. I believe the other photo of this same ritual reveals a small clue that could possibly explain what may be going on. I’ll keep that to myself for now, as I could be wrong. Again, it’s all speculation.

  2. Assuming this photo is real, and assuming it is of an Illuminati ritual and not another secret society, I would guess that it is a ritual relating to the “siege perilous”. The person sitting in the middle is the one being tested. In the photo it looks like he has a cover on his head, indicating he is not allowed to know where he is, or maybe even what’s going on. The 40 or so witnesses all seem to be gazing upwards toward a light coming from above. What is the light? And where is it coming from? In the second photo of this same ritual (found in “the sacred cause” article) the man sitting in the seat no longer has a cover on his head, and he appears to be slumped down in the chair, as if either dead or asleep. The cone shaped item with a flat top in front of him must surely play a part in whatever is going on, though I couldn’t begin to guess what it is or what it does. Also, the witnesses all seem to have a kind of chalice or goblet in front of them. What is in it, I wonder? What purpose does it serve in relation to the ritual? I would like to hear what others think.

  3. Once again assuming the photo is real, I’ve always wondered why they would take a photo of what must be a secret ritual. What purpose would it serve to the public? What is the message being sent? I suppose it is meant only for those with eyes to see, or those already in the know.

    • there you have the answer.
      illuminati secret ritual(s) surely won’t be filmed or photographed.
      it is not a picture of the illluminati.

  4. v.1 Cult of the Supreme Being

    v.2 Thule Round Table versus OWO Vanity Fair

    v.3 Left and Right – Dialectics – Holy Grail

  5. Paradise Regained ?

    “There is a final truth. Ultimate becoming is God. But there is one stage beyond. A community of Gods.

    And we can become part of that divine community.”

    Illuminati * The New World Order

    • hm. ok. right.

      but aren’t the phosters/archons no longer oridinary human beings, inhabiting this slave/prison body?


  6. First of all sorry for my bad english(I only speak Spanish and Catalan) I dosent use the Google Chaos Traslator(hehehe) or anything similar,so its very difficult,and my vocabulary is very limited! Nice to meet you m6667!Some day I will be Illuminati(Well I hope so hehehe).
    The webmasters of says Archons an Phosters are humans with great habilities,humans in any case-or superhumans-.
    The two groups can take a bodies(like Jesus Bitch “jumping” in another body) and control the matter(maybe) and reencarnations.

    “We should emphasise that Archons and Phosters do not play a dramatic role in the workings of the world. They are mostly “observers” of human affairs who, now and again, take a more active role. (We will discuss these special human beings – and they are human even though some people might prefer to call them “angels” – at a later time. They are not supernatural beings, but have the capability to exhibit superhuman qualities i.e. they could be regarded as supermen and women, but are still recognisably human”

    This is correct or not?

  7. In the photo there are 40 people, not including the person in the middle. Even if it is an Illuminati ritual ( according to A.W.E. it is not), it is unlikely that the people in the photo are phosters. Here are some quotes taken from “The God Game” regarding Phosters and Archons: “Their task is not to save or enslave humanity but merely to maintain the conditions in which those of Intellect pursue their rightful path of light, and those of Will gravitate towards the Prince of Darkness.” “They are not here for our benefit, but for their own. They are progressing towards their own personal objectives.” “Neither the phosters nor archons are permitted to “ take over ” or unduly influence the world. Typically, they target a few individuals (usually “ prophets ” , celebrities, leaders and geniuses) and spread their message via them.” The chapter from “The God Game” about Phosters and Archons basically says the same stuff as the information on the AC website. What I am curious to know is why the Illuminati would put this photo on their website. Though they never claim the photo to be related to them, they must surely know that some people will assume it to be so. At this point, I’m thinking that the photo is fake. For what purpose would a secret society photograph their rituals? If I had to guess, I would say they put it on their website to make people think, to give a visual image to maybe help people better understand the Illuminati.

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